Budget CDP recommendations
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Nov 2, 2001
I'm looking into getting a CDP and am looking for suggestions. Redbook performance is my main concern since I do not have any SACDs (or have the money to buy many more). But at the same time, I would not mind SACD support since I am thinking of moving toward the SACD format in the next few years. DVD support would be an added bonus.

That said, the Sony DVP-NS500V is currently at the top of my list. My price limit is $200, but if $300 can buy a CDP with much better redbook performance, I might consider it. Since I do not plan on getting SACDs for at least a year or so, is a SACD player really worth it? Will there be any major advances in the next few years?
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The one you are considering is a good option. If you can find either of them, the 222ES or and CE775 are both excellent. Most say that they are better than the NS500. I had a CE775 (i returned it) and I have a 333ES now. The 333ES is hands down better than the rest, but its also more expensive. This applies for SACD and redbook.
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I'm very happy with the NS500V, although it's a backup to my 9000ES and Rotel-Monarchy-GW Labs-ART DI/O setups.
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Check out the Technics SL-PG4 single disc player. I've had it for 9 months and got it for $120 at J&R, www.jandr.com

I think it's an excellent value, and I haven't had any problems with it at all.

You most likely will have to purchase the SL-PG4 online. I've never seen it in a retail electronics store, and not many online stores sell it either. But, J&R should still have it.
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Someone just mentioned in another thread that Best Buy currently has the 500v for $129!!! At that price, I don't think it's even worth wasting your time looking for something else unless you want to spend significantly more money
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I did see that post, except I can't find the DVP-NS500V on best buy's website...

I live in Canada so I'd rather get it from a canadian reseller, but if none sell it for a reasonable price, then a US reseller that ships to Canada would have to do.
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hey markjia (i think u went to my school),

i saw the 500v at the sony store for something like $379 CDN. Futureshop has it online only for an absurd $499 CDN (or was it $599?). Still more expensive than in the states, but it's local...

i'm pretty much in the same boat as you (however an amp is slightly higher on my list than source).
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We went to the same school really? Which one?

Ya, the prices locally seem to be rather high...I was at the sony store yesterday, and the sale person said they could sell it for $327, but that is still quite a lot higher than elsewhere...maybe I'll check A&B sound someday...
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I got the 775 before the 500 came out, but I'm curious about how the two compare in a decent system.

tHere are certain aspects of the sound I would like to see improved in the 775, but i'm not ready to shell $500+ on a source. If the 500 is better in the 775s biggest problem areas (somewhat veiled sound & somewhat murky background imo) while retaining the 775s strengths, I would sell the 775.
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Originally posted by BenG
If the 500 is better in the 775s biggest problem areas (somewhat veiled sound & somewhat murky background imo) while retaining the 775s strengths, I would sell the 775.

The NS-500V isn't veiled or murky. It leans towards the opposite end of the spectrum -- detail and perhaps even sterility.

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