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Why is there a chaplain standing over his wallet?

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    Health Sciences Administration
    fountain pen restoration
    Headphone Inventory:
    Sony MDR-R10, MDR-1000x, Ultimate Ears UE-10 Pro, Grado RS-1, iGrado, HF2, Sennheiser HE90, HD-600,650, something bluetooth, Ergo 2, Stax Omega II MK 1, Lambda Sig, Denon D-5000. D-7000, AKG K-1000, Yamaha YH-1000, Focal Utopia, Fostex TH-XXX, Jecklin Float, PSB something or other Etymotics ER-4S, a few more. Past headphones deleted when Head-Fi went down, and I can't remember them all. There were a lot of them.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    PHP Audio 6T9 amp. SinglePower Supra, SDS, ES1, PPX-3. EarMax Pro modded, Melos SHA-1 (Carlo mods), Fisher 400, and a few others here and there. Past amps were deleted by Head-Fi crash, but include EAR HP4, Berning MicroZOTL, Wheatfield HA-2, SAC AKG amp, AudioValve RKV, and a host of others.
    Source Inventory:
    VPI Scoutmaster, Ariston RD11s. Musical Fidelity XLP2. Cary phono amp. Meridian G08. Exemplar Denon 2900. SlimDevices Transporter and Squeezebox 3. Ack! Dac. Bel Canto DAC 2. A bunch of others, once again lost.
    Cable Inventory:
    Virtual Dynamics Genesis and Master interconnects and power cords, some Nite power cords. Grover generation whatever interconnects. Homegrown Audio Silver Lace. Bogdan Silver Spirits. A bunch of others.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    A few speaker rigs here and there.
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    I've been doing audio since 1969. The list won't begin to fit in this box.


    My PM is turned OFF. Please reach me by using my e-mail link. Thanks!

    The only sin is mediocrity. --Martha Graham
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