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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. sam koley
    Can any one tell me which sound is better
    Brainwavz B400
    Nuforce Primo8
    Nuforche hem6
    Fischer audio dba04
    Logitech ue900s

    And plz can any one tell
  2. sam koley
    Iis the optional cable with 30usd with b400 is better than stock cable?if i ordered with optional cable then i get 3 cable.and plz tell the colour cromison black in b400 housing made from which meterial?plastic or some other plz tell
  3. sam koley
    When it lunch in market?
  4. phthora
    I'd take the B400 over either the Primo 8 (which sounded thin and uneven to me) or the HEM6 (which is the worst tuned earphone I've ever heard) any day. Heck, I'd take the B400 over both of them and a meatball sub.

    If you want some real competition for the B400, look at the TFZ King Pro, MEE Pinnacle P1, or Hisenior B5+, for starters.
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  5. B9Scrambler
    B400 is tops for me over pretty much everything. I enjoyed the HEM6, but at the very low volumes I generally listen it sounds dead. Really need to crank the volume to get it to wake up and perform, something I'm not comfortable with. It's a weird one.
  6. phthora
    lol... I find the opposite! I have to listen to the HEM6 at much lower volume for them to sound even remotely acceptable. I guess that just underscores how weird they really are.

    The B400 really sets a new bar for the price range. On technical merit, it's an outstanding value and the only reason to buy something else in the same price range would be out of a personal preference for a different sound signature.
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  7. sam koley
    Little back geound i am a happy owner of 50 to 60 pair of earphone.
    50usd to 800usd
    Naarmoo b2m to shure 846
    Along with imr r1,ue900s,ie800,rha t20i,meeaudio pinnacle p1,pinnacle px,vsonic gr07,gr07w and gro9 ostry kco6a is good in my ear.but i know about brainwavz company i hav blue200, blue 100,s5,r1,app01 amp i know abot this company.it is better than other company thats why i tell u about b400 soundstage and compareisim
  8. phthora
    Well, since you mentioned it... In terms of frequency response, the B400 sounds pretty similar to the 846. The B400 has less extension in both treble and bass, less detail and speed overall, and sounds like a smoother softer version of the same sound signature, but it's hard not to mentally compare the two. While the 846 stomps the B400 in every technical aspect, I have both, listen to both, and love both. The B400 is outstanding for the price and very good regardless of price.
  9. unboxbear
    it's plastic.
  10. yangian
    I like B400 than 846. I really cannot appreciate the sound of 846.
  11. Moses Kwon
    My B400 stopped working all of sudden. Earbud on left side doesn't make sound anymore. I only used B400 for 33 days. I always kept them in the case carefully. I tried different cable, but still doesn't work. I have enjoyed b400 daily. As I summarized above, it gave me the best sound quality for the IEM. But it was very disappointing that it stopped working after only 33 days with daily 4-5 hour usage. I'm going to request the replacement. However, I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations to fix the issue. I can't believe that it stopped working. I think there is something more I can try before I send this back. Thank you in advance.
  12. unboxbear
    If you’ve tried different cable then it’s likely faulty. don’t worry it comes with 2 years warranty so try to contact them.
  13. sam koley
    Today i received my b400.good sound right out of the box.nice packageing.
    No company name(brainwavz) written in ear piece also no L and R marking on both earpiece.looks good but not finished good.some hazy type looking in some minor area.i contac brainwavz for that.and also cleaning tool is not there
  14. sam koley
    20180920_144447.jpg 20180920_144447.jpg 20180920_143745.jpg
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  15. razzer001 Contributor
    The black/cosmic don't have brand or L/R due to how they are made, however the L/R are not really needed as each piece is designed to go specifically in left or right.

    Unfortunately i can't tell from your image what the other problem is exactly, however with the cosmic finish it can give an appearance of a rough patch, but this is covered and coated smooth with the hard enamel finish, if the roughness can be felt a top, then this is possibly a different issue altogether.
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