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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. phthora
    The P1 is more neutral with better extended highs. It is much harder to drive, and really requires an amp to reach its full potential, IMO. The B400 is more organic sounding and warm, but it also has better resolution and imaging. I found that it took a while to find a set of tips that gave me a good fit. They are very close in quality. Between the two, you can't really go wrong. The differences are fairly slight and neither has real detriments.

    I got my B400 with the Candy Cane balanced cable, which works well and came at a discount when buying with the B400. Otherwise, there are a huge number of cables available inexpensively on AiExpress. I recently picked up the Penon CS819 balanced cable and it is a stellar, beautiful cable for $55.
  2. azizfrost
    thanks for the reply =)
  3. audio123
    Brainwavz B400 vs Mee Audio Pinnacle P1
    The B400 has greater sub-bass quantity than the P1 and the P1 is able to extend its sub-bass deeper. There is a more musicality from the B400. The P1 has an edge for the bass decay with slightly more agility. Bass texture on the B400 is smoother. The mid-bass on the B400 is fuller and the slam has a weighted feel. Each bass note on the P1 is articulated with extra definition. There is lack in punch on both. The lower mids on the B400 has more quantity and the body helps to tackle male vocals better. The upper mids on the P1 is slightly forward but lacks in body when compared to the B400. The B400 is capable of producing an organic vocals presentation. The treble on the B400 showcases finesse and the smoothness helps in ensuring a fatigue-free presentation. There is no sibilance and harshness. The P1 has more air and the sparkle helps to inject some excitement. The B400 has a higher level of control. Lastly, for the soundstage, the B400 has a more natural expansion. There is a fuller impact from the B400. The width is around the same. The depth of P1 is slightly better. You can check out the full review on my site!
  4. Biachplz
    Would like to share my experience regarding my recent RMA due to my B400 right earpiece being softer than the left earpiece, most probably due to driver failure as it seemed like all of the mids were missing, and bass and treble seemed to be of reduced quantity. Emailed customer support and was advised to send it via cheaper postage to their warehouse in Hong Kong as i live in Singapore. Paid for registered shipping and wrapped in a ton of bubble wrap, posted to Brainwavz and they promptly had it shipped out after a few days upon receiving it. Shipping back from HK took about 8 days, but my family was not home to receive it and had to pick it up on monday today as i was busy, so came closer to 11 days instead of last friday. Kudos to Brainwavz for taking care of this quickly and smoothly, in both cases customer service was very helpful regarding any enquiries i had, when it arrived with a cracked shell and now the driver failure.

    Only disappointment was that i could not have the option to "upgrade" to the coloured version even though i offered to pay the price difference from my Pre-order pricing and the current pricing, due to mine being from production run 3 where the colour options were removed due to the production issues. Would prefer to have a colour option as the frosty really looks like... ahem "male fluids" staining the shells in certain lighting. Not important when in my ears because they sound great and i love them, but some looks and comments i receive make me want to bang my head on the wall lmao. Hope you could pass on the remarks to customer service @razzer001
  5. azizfrost
    thank you for the reply.

    is the B400 a great upgrade from shure SE215? can I really hear a big difference in sound quality?
  6. audio123
    No problem! It is definitely an upgrade from the Shure SE215.
  7. Moses Kwon
    I just received B400 today. I have listened and tested for 6 hours with various of music so far. Here is my short and disorganized first impression.
    1. Bass: Bass is not too much or less. This is definately not for the people who focus more on the bass.
    2. Mid: Just one word, Excellent
    3. Treble: Excellent for female vocal in general. Male vocal also sounds excellent depending on the music and how it was recorded.
    4. I partially do not agree with people who said that this is not for the classical music. To my ear, B400 is excellent for Soprano and string focused classical music. However, it was not good for non string focused and balanced big orchestral symphony.
    5. Soundstage: Well... it does not have the soundstage comparing with other phones I have. However, sometimes, too much soundstage reduces enjoyment of music in my case. B400 was fine with little soundstage.
    6. Imaging: Excellent most time except for big non string focused orchestral music. However, soundtrack was excellent with big orchestra. So there was some mystery with b400.
    7. No amplifier and DAC were necessary under following condition:
    Just use UAPP app on Android phone. You can enjoy Tidal music with almost full potential. For the sound quality, apple music was not even compatible with UAPP + Tidal.

    Now. I'm really curious about LZ A4. I wonder how it will sound like comparing with B400. For those who have both, could you share your impression? I know someone already made several comment, but it was not detail enough. Thank you. This is my first posting.
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  8. totte
    How would you compare the bass of the b400 to the hd650? Same amount or the b400 has less? If you listened to the hd600 is it even less than that?

    Welcome to head fi!
  9. Moses Kwon
    HD650 has a lot more bass. HD600 is more neutral. I love the bass sound from hd650. It was the reason I returned hd600 even though hd600 sound signature has been a lot more popular to professionals. Hd650 bass is not heavy, but beautiful to my ear:)
    B400 sound signature is more closed to hd600, but hd600 is good for almost all type of music, b400 is not as I mentioned above, but I'm satisfied with b400 so far.
  10. totte
    So is the bass quantity of the b400 comparable to the hd600? Im really close to pulling the trigger on the b400 except Im hesitating since Im not sure if the bass will be too low for me. If its the same as hd600 its good enough.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2018
  11. Moses Kwon
    Bass for b400 is not bad. It is actually very good for some music. However, hd600 doesn't have the issue with subbase. I remember reading that b400 sub-bass is hardly distinguishable for some people, not for me. If you are going to use portable amplifier with bass boost function, I don't think it can be the issue.
  12. Gabriel Sontag
    How do the b400's sound compared to the campfire comets with symbio w tips?
  13. emilsoft
    The Oriveti New Primacy suffers from a number of issues - I had it and sold it. I really didn't like it.
    * Driver flex - when you put it in your ear I hear a loud pop which is really annoying. They should design it properly, this is just bad experience.
    * Coherency issues - bass is good, but there are treble peaks - it feels like the upper treble is tacked on ruining the coherency of the sound - warm + sparkly at the same due to the mid dips and hi peaks. Thus the mixed reviews online, some saying it's warm others that it's bright.

    I haven't tried the B400, but you can do much better than the New Primacy in general in this price range - Campfire Orion comes to mind or for much less the Creative Aurvana Trio. I'm going to try the B400, hopefully it's more coherent and neutral than the NP.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2018
  14. emilsoft
    On the B400, is the 3.5khz peak something to be concerned about? It's about +5db I think, which seems quite a lot.. I was hoping for a nice neutralish sound (similar tonality to HD650)..
  15. BRSxIgnition
    You weren't kidding about the driver flex...

    In the end I went for the FiiO FH5 - it has a balance of audio and build quality that's hard to match at the price point, and suits my needs well enough.

    I will say though, it's not neutral like the B400. Fun and balanced, but not neutral.
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