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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. Jenz
    Congratulations to the b400!
    I am looking for a new electronic genres such as synth pop, house, EDM, etc. What is the bass quality? The bass is deep and controlled? Faster than dynamic drivers?
  2. xblackdemonx
    Don't buy the B400 for bass or you will be dissapointed a bit. For everything else the B400 is perfect.
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  3. ahmonge
    Big surprise in the bass department. I will need more time of listening to get an accurate picture, but testing them with Macklemore's The Heist I was greatly surprised by the bass extensión and speed. Level could be a lttle low for some, but I prefer a more neutral response than the bass bump so prevasive nowadays
  4. Jenz
    The bass boost should be about 7-8 db, what is not neutral! I'm not a bass head, a slight bass presence and neutral in the middle and high without hissing peaks, what I'm looking for as an iem. have the 1more triple driver. The bass is already at the limit of what is tolerable and also somewhat slow, sluggish. The resolution is i think this is very good
  5. xblackdemonx
    The sound clarity and precision of the B400 is very good without any doubt. This is the first time I buy a pair of earphones that are worth more than 20$ and I don't regret it one bit!!
  6. Jerda
    Explain it better
  7. xblackdemonx
    Well the bass is more neutral. You won't get super deep bass.
  8. ahmonge
    I cannt say anithing but based on what I hear. Compared to P1, B400 are more bass restrained, just a bit. P1 do have a little bass bump, or at least a bass bump that intrudes more into mids territory. Not so with B400, that appears to me more neutral. However, it's very difficult to assess frequency response with pop-rock music, as what one hears is what the mixer decided you to hear. For this reason I prefer to assess bass response with classical music, whiere mixes are more focused on precisión. So far, I find B400 spot on bass level.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
  9. Jerda
    I am very curious about the bass section of the b400 vs f9 pro
  10. Wiljen
    having had both (b400 1st gen) and F9 Pro review tour (Currently still waiting on the 2nd b400 to show up), the b400 is much closer to neutral than the F9 Pro. The F9 has a deeper bass extension and more slam than the b400, while the b400 is more precise and analytical than the F9 Pro and a bit more articulate in the mid-bass region. I think clarity goes to the b400 but fun goes to the F9 pro.
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  11. Jenz
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  12. Wiljen
    At this point I think you overstated your case. I placed my order Dec 8th for the frosty with expedited shipping. I checked my order status this morning and have no tracking or status and have received nothing from brainwavz via email with any tracking information. I can't tell that anything has happened with my order since the day I paid it via paypal as I have gotten nothing since then and there is no indication on the order page that anything has been done with it.

    I'll send order details via PM.
  13. Brooko Contributor
    B400 vs B9 Pro - on my rig. Should be good for comparative results.

    The graph below is generated using the Vibro Veritas coupler and ARTA software. Ken Ball (ALO/Campfire) graciously provided me with measurement data which I have used to recalibrate my Veritas so that it mimics an IEC 711 measurement standard (Ken uses two separate BK ear simulators, we measured the same set of IEMs, and I built my calibration curve from shared data). I do not claim that this data is 100% accurate, but it is very consistent, and is as close as I can get to the IEC 711 standard on my budget.

    I do not claim that the measurements are in any way more accurate than anyone else's, but they have been proven to be consistent and I think they should be enough to give a reasonable idea of response - especially if you've followed any of my other reviews. When measuring I always use crystal foam tips (so medium bore opening) - and the reason I use them is for very consistent seal and placement depth in the coupler. I use the same amp (E11K) for all my measurements - and output is under 1 ohm.

    b400 vs f9pro.png

    Click for full sized.

    F9 Pro almost feels like it has more impact - but thats because the DD moves more air than the BA. To me, a DD usually feels as though it goes deeper. But at the same time, the B400 feels warmer, and thats because the F9 Pro has the lower treble peak - so it almost overshadows the bass a bit.

    Of the two - the B400 seems warmer, but the F9 Pro feels as though it has more sub-bass impact.
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  14. Jenz
    Thx Brooko for the Fr-Graph!

    The frequency measurements are not compressed or?
  15. Brooko Contributor
    You can see the scale on the graph. It’s raw measurements. The only compensation is to get close to IEC711.
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