Bowers & Wilkins PX Noise-Cancelling Over-ears

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Blinxat, Sep 29, 2017.
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  1. kcee

    Follow the directions here, this is what I am doing. Going to let a few more hours tick off until I get to about 20 hours before demoing again.
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  2. HD800NL
    After burn in this afternoon the PX opened more. So sound quality is now "OK".
  3. HD800NL
  4. GrussGott
    Some manufacturers of higher-end gear do burn-in (I believe zach at ZMF burns before shipping) and others (MrSpeakers) directly recommend some pretty big burn-in times of 2 solid weeks ... as the CEO directly told me when I got a set Aeon Flows (they're planar vs dynamic, but Zach's are dynamic). So there's two examples of high-end designers/owners recommending or performing burn-in. So if they think it's a thing, it's probably a thing.

    Further, equipment like, say, the Schiit Yggy DAC needs to be on FOR A WEEK before it's up to prime SQ levels, so not only is burn-in a thing, but run time can be as well.

    Those things being true, it MAY extend to lesser equipment like the PX suggesting that opening the box, firing it up, and playing music will not give you the true measure of the experience you'd get after a month of use and 2 hours of run time. Buuuttt ... personally, i've never worn a headphone pre burn-in that I've not liked, burned it in, and then liked it. That's not to say that I didn't hear a difference, I did, it just didn't change the SQ enough for me to change my mind.

    Finally I'll say my burned-in P7W sounds stellar (albeit P7ey), but I've heard other P7Ws new that don't sound like mine and worse to my ear.
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  5. kcee
    Something else anecdotally I noticed.

    On my iphone in the status bar when you have bluetooth headphones connected it shows a little headphone with a battery bar for them specifically.
    This works for my other bluetooth headphones to quickly check what level battery you have left.

    So far for the PX it just shows as full whether you are at 80% or 20% battery left. Maybe a firmware update could fix that.

    It would come in handy since you have to go into the app to check battery status.

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  6. Tjinnitus
    No, AptX-HD can do lossless compression while AptX can't,
  7. LajostheHun
    False, APTX HD will process 24/48 vs APTX's 16/48 but that's about it. It is still lossy in it's current operation. With the advance of BT 5.0 however this could change as the technology matures.
    Here is a good article about the current affair of Aptx HD.
  8. uL7iMa
    Anyone know if this headphone is available in Australia yet?
  9. grrorr76
    there not. I ended up ordering from audio sanctuary in the uk and saving 70 od dollars there on there way to me . Im from Melbourne
  10. alchemical
    Same - to Sydney. Got a pair from their first batch a few weeks ago before the stock delay. Always amazing service and since they remove the VAT for shipping outside the EU, always a great price.
  11. grrorr76
    No GST which is awesome.. how you finding them?
  12. Tagjazz
    Yes, heaps of places say they are in stock now, Minidisc, Audio Trend, Apollo HiFi, Klapp Audio etc. Should not be a problem to get them now and probably best to buy local incase there are any issues and you need to return them. :)
  13. grrorr76
    not true still in preorder. I personally contacted a few of them yesterday before deciding to import a pair and the sites say preorder to.
  14. uL7iMa
    That's what I got from a quick search, was hoping that this was available at some places already. Thanks guys!

    How long did it take to ship from UK to Aus? Hoping to get this pair before I travel in early December.

    I'm also thinking of switching from a B&O H7 to this, anyone here have experience with both?
  15. wildpanda86
    Space grey is in stock on Amazon here in murica.

    I just ordered a replacement for my early build one... hopefully the static I was getting in wired mode is resolved with this... I plan to return my early build PX back to Amazon. Other than wired mode they’ve been great in wireless mode after a proper burn in. So great that my wife wanted a pair as well for work so I ordered her the blue/gold pair at a huge discount in amazons wherehouse deals. I bet it was returned cause the previous person didn’t do a proper burn in.
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