Bowers & Wilkins PX Noise-Cancelling Over-ears

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Blinxat, Sep 29, 2017.
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  1. djsubtronic
  2. HD800NL
    I picked up my PX today in the Dutch Hi-Fi Klubben store. I ordered october 6th. The stock was limited so I am one of the early birds. Firmware is v1.1062028051018007. Sound out-of-the-box needs some serious burn in :)

    IMG_2527.jpg IMG_2528.jpg
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  3. edsjo
    I am not sure it should turn off automatically when used wired. How would it know if there is a signal or not? I guess it could check the signal level, but it would be very frustrating if it started turning off at silent parts of the music.
  4. Mark R-S
    I tried some in a local hifi shop yesterday and they sounded terrible. I'll try them again in a couple of weeks to give them a chance to burn in (if you believe in that), but I was really surprised at how bad they sounded. Really distant and boxy sounding.
  5. HD800NL
    I've listened two times to a burned in PX in the same store. So I know what to expect. I am sure the PX will open a lot!
  6. HD800NL
    After two hours of Pink Noise the highs and lows are there. Mids needs to open more :L3000:
  7. larzy
    Mine is v 1.052. Which I think is the old firmware. I thought all new devices sold would be with a newer firmware. Guess not.
  8. cresny
    Question: if burn-in is so important then why don't manufacturers do it themselves as part of their quality assurance? Seems to me the manufacturer should know what sort of "pink noise" and for how long is necessary. Please forgive me if it's been answered before but the question seems especially pertinent to these phones.
  9. LajostheHun
    Burn in is one of those wedge issues in audiophilia land that can ignite all kinds of disagreements. However your question is valid and points to the heart of the problem as even MFRs have different opinion on the issue.
  10. WDitters
    While the need for burn-in probably is a very subjective thing, I do at least know that having to burn-in headphones (or speakers for that matter) would massively increase the price of a pair of headphones since it would largely be a manual activity.
  11. kcee
    Looks like you got the newer firmware.
    I just picked up a pair from best buy yesterday that must have been older stock I guess.
    Still on 1.052

    I let them burn in all night and am going to head into work and give them a serious try today and see what 16+ hours of burn in has done.
    Crossing my fingers!
  12. Nylua
    Hey guys. I bought a pair of PX but they sound like they can't stand any complex soundstage. If it's just acoustic, the headphones can handle the song very well, but they sound really muffled on rock/metal and electronic music. I think they really need some serious burn in, what would you suggest me to do to burn them in? Thank you kindly! I love the tech behind these cans, I wouldn't wish to return them
  13. phillevy
    How on earth do they come up with a firmware version that convoluted!
  14. Mark R-S
    The PXs which I listened to sounded so bad that I took them off my head after a couple of seconds. If some headphone really does need to be burnt in, the manufacturer could increase their sales and reduce return rates if they would do it themselves. Personally, I think they don't do it because it's a myth :)
    I'll get my coat now.
  15. djsubtronic
    I figured after 2 minutes of silence it would turn off. Guess it only works on bluetooth mode as I confirmed today. Thanks, must remember to turn it off myself when using it wired at home!
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