Bowers & Wilkins PX Noise-Cancelling Over-ears

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Blinxat, Sep 29, 2017.
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  1. WindyCityCy
    I just got these ordered directly from B&W 3 days ago. Seem to have the updated firmware.

    B&W in Box.jpg.jpeg
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  2. grrorr76
    5 working days but alas audio sanctuary sold out again on friday.
  3. alchemical
    Loving them. The sound dramatically improved with burn in and now I couldn't really be happier sound-wise. Once a firmware update fixes the occasional sensor quirk and glacially slow app, I'll have no complaints.
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  4. bifeo001
    Hey guys looking for a great wireless headphone. Has anyone tried the problem with the iPhone X?
  5. larzy
    What problem? The battery bug mentioned one page ago? Or all the "connection" issues etc...? I received my 2nd pair yesterday and paired them with my iPhone X - no problems. The first set I had I used with an iPhone 8 Plus, and it had problems connecting and staying paired after being connected by resetting the headphones. But that pair was faulted.

    Regarding the battery, I noticed that in the iOS widget / status, it said 100% while in the B&W app it said 80%. But as I recall, this was also an issue with my P7W when I had them.
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  6. HD800NL
    Comfort is much better than the P7W, especially the headband. No pressure on the top of my head.
  7. paoj
    Finally got them. I can't really speak to the SQ as these are my first premium (?) HP.

    Zero BT/connectivity issues.
    Zero issues with the smart features, they work exactly as advertised.
    Firmware v1.05
    The app takes about 3 to 5 second to find the HP (Galaxy S8+).

    So far so good.
  8. expat75
    What I noticed is an extended bluetooth range. Probably because of BT v5 adopted in iPhone X
  9. HD800NL
    The day after: sound quality now is amazing. More open, more room, bigger sound stage. I tried several apps on my iPhone 7: YouTube, Apple Music, radio apps, etc. and they sound all nice! During work I listen a lot of light classic music from Classic FM and I really like what I hear with the PX :ksc75smile:
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  10. Tjinnitus
    Fascinating, they've increased the kbps with around 60 percent using the new format. Reading up, it is indeed lossy.

    Qualcomm have some answers to the claim ''indistinguishable from high resolution audio",
    We contacted Qualcomm with questions, and our thanks to Jonny McClintock, director of aptX Sales and Marketing at Qualcomm, for providing the following answers.

    S+I: Can you confirm whether aptX HD is a lossless or lossy codec?
    JM: The aptX HD is technically a Lossy codec. However as aptX HD uses a relatively gentle compression ratio of 4:1 it is non-destructive in nature. As it is based on ADPCM and not psycho-acoustic perceptual based principles, aptX HD uses predictive analysis rather than attempting to replicate the performance of the human hearing via a synthetic ear.
  11. Bshah
    And Sony LDAC is even better than Aptx HD
  12. grrorr76
    I have some sony cans with lac its a 24/96 codec where aptxhd is 24/48. Ldac sounds very very good in my opinion.
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  13. LajostheHun
    Why these questions never asked directly from the engineers and not the S&M guys? I any case,
    APTX uses the same ADPCM coding, the article I linked has a diagram as well how much extra bits they used on those split bands. Aptx predates all the compression techniques as it dates back into the late '80s and it was originally developed for radio broadcasting. So Dolby DTS and MP3 are representing a newer approach actually well certainly by actual release dates.. Having said that I'm a fan of Aptx and Aptx HD or LDAC as they show the path forward to wireless transmissions for music aficionados like me, in fact I doubt I'll ever buy a headphone that is wired or lack wireless options.
    Anyway back to topic. :)
  14. WDitters
    Can you share a picture?
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  15. mclay
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