Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Sep 2, 2016.
  1. kdbur
    I guess I am fussy!

    I love my bass, I really do. I just don't like it 'smeared' over everything else........I much preferred the P5W to the P7W......good bass but in no way impinging on the whole sound, which IMO happens badly, with the P7W. If it weren't for the flat pads on the 'on ear' P5W numbing my ears, they would be my 'go to' BT headphones.

    I just wish Audeze would get off their 'high horse' and release a sine wireless.......I think that would make me very happy and end my search for a BT headphone which suits my taste.
  2. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Each to their own, I found the P5W really flat in comparison to the P7W. It has been a while since I last heard both, but the day I left the store with the P7W I auditioned both and felt the P7W was clearly the better (for my tastes of course).
  3. kdbur
    Maybe I am a closet 'flatty' and I just can't accept it LOL!

    .....but I just love my TH900 and my LCD2.2 when I am at home, so bass is not an issue for's just the way it smears over everything on the P7W.

    These cans obviously have a sig. that I am 'allergic' to, as practically everyone else seems to love them.

    I am thinking about getting the Ablet over ear pads for P5W but I have heard mixed reviews of the quality with some saying the magnets repel rather than attach, but I guess it's worth the risk to get more use out of P5W.
  4. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Fair enough mate. I also owned the TH900 and the LCD2 Fazor and loved both so we seem to be more similar than different. I can't say that I found the P7W to smear over everything, but I wouldn't call them the last word in bass clarity either. I also used them as a true portable while taking noisy public transit so the signature really matched the need, plus I listen to quite a bit of electronic music so that may also explain some of the variance in our perspective. You may like the B&O H7 which I thought was lovely, just needed more volume as I like loud playback volume. Cheers.
  5. crimscrem
    Question. I've had these now for about 6 months. Love the look and love the sound. About a month or so ago, the audible notification that chimes when the headphones connect to the phone has gotten really, really loud. Have you guys experienced this? I have to keep the headphones off when I pair it to my phone now.

    Second question, do you guys recommend doing the firmware? I seem to recall reading some posts complaining about the sound profile post firmware update. Others seem to recommend doing it. Thoughts?

    Thank you all.
  6. zviratko
    You can control the chime volume with volume buttons while the chime is playing (not perfect but works)

    Firmware update does nothing with the sound signature, it just added a few quieter volume steps.
  7. crimscrem
    Thanks. While it is chiming, if I drop the volume, will that set the chime volume to a new, lower setting? I'll try to do so when I turn them on next.

    On the firmware, that's what surprised me. I looked at the release notes, and they wouldn't indicate any change to how the headphones performed. But my recollection from reading this thread was that people thought otherwise.

    EDIT: So I tried the volume thing, and it didn't work. No change in the chime's volume.
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  8. redrich2000
    Just picked up a set of these. Can someone who's been following this thread summarise any useful tips, tricks, tweaks, accessories etc.?
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  9. threx
    In case you guys haven't heard yet, the B&W PX (wireless with anc) is supposed to be announced tomorrow, the 3rd. If it sounds as good as the P7w, I might just switch over for the anc. :)
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  10. Zimmy68
    They look like more of a P5 Wireless replacement. I wouldn't think they would match the P7 but who knows.
  11. WDitters
    I doubt it .. The P5 wireless came in at 213 grams and is on-ear, the P7 comes in at 323 grams and is over ear. The new PX will come in at 380 grams and is over ear. Gut feeling says this will be the P7 successor and I love it already .. ANC *and* APTX-HD .. Awesome ..
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  12. zviratko
    They are over ear, but definitely a different construction from P7.
    Angled drivers, non foldable, completely different arms.
    Also no mention of AAC codec :frowning2:
  13. WDitters
    They may be foldable in a way we don't know yet :)
  14. Luminance
  15. zviratko
    Nice find!
    They also feature an USB DAC.
    Let's just hope they didn't sound with the sound too much :)

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