Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Sep 2, 2016.
  1. cresny
    I'm not sure if USB C Audio necessarily means an onboard DAC. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it just means the phone can transmit audio over USB C: DAC, mixer and all.
  2. zviratko
    USB audio is USB audio, that implies USB DAC.

    USB-C is just a connector
  3. redrich2000
    Manual says: "Bluetooth Codecs: aptx- HD AAC SBC"
    Also says "fold flat design"

    Looks like a P7 mated with a Parrot Zic.
  4. cresny
    Actually USB C does support analog as well, though hopefully this one will use a DAC. I somehow doubt it thought because it seems it's primarily a Bluetooth device and the cable support is probably meant for just occasional use. I just read this article that explains it well:
  5. Slaphead
    Bugger - I was hoping to get to the end of the year without being tempted by yet another headphone purchase.
  6. threx
    Same. I considered my dt 1990 + p7w the end of the road for me. But I'd be really tempted to switch to the px for the anc. Passive isolation just doesn't work as well as I'd like while I'm on the plane.
  7. bedlamite
    I like my pair of P7Ws well enough but I've been spoiled by the ANC in my 1000xM2s and H9s. While the SQ in the P7s are a marked improvement from the other 2 cans, I'm not getting a perfect fit with them and they let in a LOT of sound during my daily commute, which pretty much ruins the listening experience. Very tempted by the PX.
  8. zviratko
    I just ordered the PX and will report as soon as I get them (very optimistically this week, probably next week).
    I hope they sound close to the P7 and have at least modest ANC, one can hope for more of course.
    I like all the features they added (USB DAC, ANC, iOS/Android app) and I hope the angled drivers they carried over from P9 will do a good job.
    What I don't like is the new folding system - I always find headphones that fold like that very awkward to carry in any bag without risking some breakage.
    Beware that those are also active only... but with battery life as good as P7W it should not be an issue.
  9. bedlamite
  10. dog
    Damn, tempted too. Need some more input. Compare sound with P7. Hope it's still comfortable, really like the light feel of P7.
    That gesture feature is so useful, never have time to find and press the pause button when someone talks to me.
    P.S. Following this thread will cost me another money:wink:
  11. yinyang
    P7W is no longer ‘available’ on the B&W site - the only two wireless headphones are P5W and the new PX.

    But I should be getting my P7W tomorrow
  12. Zimmy68
    One thing that concerned me about the write up on Verge was the "battery life while wired" number.

    Does that mean you need power all the time?

    I hope not.

    Maybe that is just with ANC applied.
  13. zviratko
    They apparently do. Won't work completely passive.
  14. AudioRabauke
    Today I had the chance to use a Sennheiser HD800 (unicorn status for me) and compare it against my beloved P7W. Because I am quite the noob in the can business i hope to find a little help to my confusing findings.

    I used both cans via a Dragonfly Red on my iPhone 7+, HiFi Tidal. I was quite shocked that the HD800, while roomy, crisp and detailed felt so flat to me - am I a victim of the elevated bass characteristic of the P7W? I LOVE it's signature, really helps out the kind of music I hear, but the HD800 in comparison showed no punch at all...

    Volume was another thing - is this because of the higher impendance of the HD800s? Do I need different/better equipment to let them really shine?

    Wear comfort OTOH is awesome, light and comfy - build quality is meh, cheap plastic everywhere, for a product costing about 3 times what the P7W cost my general consensus was "don't wear your heroes" ...

    Is the P7W just so incredibly good? Or do I need to use other equipment and i produced an apples and oranges result with my approach?

    I don't know if this is the right thread to ask, I am learning the ropes here.

    To maybe add to the legitimacy of posting here, I am keenly following the PX hype train and already scratched it from my list because: If I am getting ANC cans this feature itself should be really good. Apparently it isn't, so then at least the wired passive no gimmicks mode should be a winner. There is no passive so that's that. To be able to use the features of my headphone definitely should not include to have location based services active or no control. These are my showstoppers.

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