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Bottlehead Amplifier Discussion / Comparison Thread: Crack, SEX & Mainline

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by loquah, Sep 24, 2013.
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  1. Loquah
    Mainline with HD800 and I assume HD800S is one of the best options of there IMO. For me only the Nighthawks are better, but that's also a question of your taste in sound signature
  2. dmhenley
    Back in October, I rewired the SEX for 4ohms - I had just received the Nighthawks. I've since gone back to 8ohms. 
    While I lose a bit of play in the comfortable listening range, I prefer the sound quality. Mcandmars tweak to reduce the hum was a big help. Finally, the Jupiter cap upgrade was huge...3 or 4 months out, and I'm content with the SEX.
    Now, I am torn between a Mainline build, and the Stereomour2. I spend a bit more time with the 'phones on now, but I'm thinking it's time my floorstanders get a new partner.
  3. Loquah
    The Mainline is magic with the Nighthawks... just saying... :wink:
  4. NightFlight
    Which Jupiters are we talking about? I've been considering them for some time, but their price is just skyrocketing it seems. Or not... maybe its just the shock of reading the cost each time which leads me to believe that. :wink:  The 600V copper foil are a bit pricey.
    There's also the VT and HT which appear to be the same cap in a different profiles? Info is light on their site.
  5. JamieMcC
    The Jupitor HTs are really nicely balanced and Are very natural sounding they also surprised me with their resolution which was better than I had expected. They are a eye watering price I had the Mundorf supreme Silver Oils in my Sex prior which have more of a v shape profile which slightly emphasis the treble and bass regions. I thought the SIO offer better value than the HT at roughly half the cost and are in some ways have a more fun and engaging sound And a incredibly spatial soundstage. But if you like a more natural and life like tone and presentation the Jupitors are very good at delivering. I haven't tried the copper foils as yet and probably won't due to their cost.
  6. dmhenley
    I hesitated too, but a small discount available at the time sealed the deal.
    A shot of the output caps:
  7. Doc B.
    If you haven't yet registered as a user on the Bottlehead Forum, you might find it useful to do so. We will be sending out a notice pertaining to the Mainline to BH forum users who opt in for email notifications . 
  8. theblueprint

    Will do!

    Please don't tell me an upgrade is in the works!
  9. JamieMcC
    Hope nothing is wrong and they haven't been bursting into flame across the country [​IMG]
    I recently had a update from Whirlpool about my tumble dryer they need to send someone out to modify it as they have had a bunch of them burst into flame and burn folks houses down something to do with the lint filter.
    Fingers crossed
  10. NightFlight
    Those don't look like they are 10uF.
  11. Doc B.
    I will assume you are simply trying to start some sort of internet drama with this, as our kits work just fine. 
  12. theblueprint

    Must be something related to this.

    And anyone on the fence about the Mainline, here's your chance!!!
  13. dmhenley
    Right. They are 2.2uf - replacing the 1.5uf Solen.
    I'm talking SEX. Maybe you're talking Mainline?
  14. JamieMcC
    No not trying to start any internet dramas here just speculating on what I hoped the notice pertaining to the Mainline would not be about.
    I was actually a bit worried for my wallet just in case there was a Nickel transformer upgrade on its way.
    But it seems you are running a great promotion deal on the Mainline and headfi rules meant you couldn't actually directly post about it. So sadly my wallet breaths a sigh of relief and thanks you.
  15. theblueprint
    Doc, is there a way to buy the new shields?
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