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Bottlehead Amplifier Discussion / Comparison Thread: Crack, SEX & Mainline

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by loquah, Sep 24, 2013.
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  1. NightFlight
    Lolz. I was just going to thank him for delivering the real goods. That's quality info up there. Thanks Jamie!
  2. Loquah

  3. NightFlight
    Well, it looks like it's that time of year again. Are you sure you don't work for pCX? [​IMG] 
    ... wait, are you playing with the Copper or Aluminum foil HT Beeswax versions? I'm looking at the Aluminum 300V HT. 
  4. JamieMcC

    The ones I have are the Aluminum foil HT Beeswax 600v versions.` I just keep a eye out on ebay and have had some nice finds. Last week I was the only bidder on Belkin PureAV PF30 mains filter and picked it up for the starting price £38 including delivery!
  5. Loquah

    Do you have any good search words you use to find relevant bargains, Jamie?
  6. JamieMcC

    I just use the normal search words like mundorf Jupiter etc and check out the new and used listing items . Mark (Mcandmar) put me on to the Belkin mains filter.
    It seems that sometimes sellers leave out key words so if a seller lists a say a GEC 6080 and if your looking at search results for "6080 tube" it might not show up in your search results.
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  7. NightFlight
    I find not refining the search so much and doing the work to find the misplaced item can be key to getting a good auction deal. The fewer eyes on the item the better for you.
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  8. gab840
    There doesn't seem to be any reviews/talk/impressions about Bottlehead Crack-two-A ......
    Its quite sometime now since they r released...
  9. jodgey4
    Just from the design specs, it seems that the -two-a has just better power regulation which should lower distortion and noise, giving more detail and a bigger stage... and probably more current output in non ideal conditions. This makes it cleaner and more versatile, whilst not losing the core warm tonality the BHC is known for. The upgraded attenuator will help with noise and channel imbalance.
  10. Doc B.
    Actually our stepped attenuator design will improve the resolution substantially over the stock pot used in both the Crack and Cracka2a. I'll be demoing a Crackatwoa with the upgraded attenuator vs. a Crack with all of the popular "Head Fi aftermarket upgrades" at the Seattle Head Fi meet at Bottleheadquarters an April 30th, so people can form their own opinion.
    There is a recent review on the Bottlehead forum:
    and one more:
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  11. gab840
    Guys Just fininshed building Bottlehead Sex..
    When i am inserting headphone the sound only from right side is coming , when inserting half then from left side.I check all connections etc.
    What could be wrong ..??
  12. gab840
    on further checking..Basically its the black rca jack through which sound not coming..
  13. JamieMcC
    Congratulations on the Sex amp [​IMG]  the Bottlehead forum is the place to get you sorted. If all your resistance and voltage checks were ok then checking all that channels connections and reflowing any that look dull or suspect might be all that is needed to get you up and running.
    Also I do have a couple of headphones that have slightly different shaped trs jack tips and occasionally with my Sex after swapping cans around moving to a jack with a different shaped tip it doesn't make a  proper connection on both channels when its plugged into the socket and this results in only one channel being heard I think this has been mentioned before on the Sex thread on the BHF but after a couple of in and outs all is ok. I have gently bent the connecting tag inside the socket which made a improvment.   
  14. Loquah
    So, have you managed to solve the problem now that you've found the issue?
    As Jamie said, head to the Bottlehead Forum for the best technical advice / problem solving. If you post your voltage checks over there the gurus will have you sorted out quick smart
  15. gab840
    Yes just some hours ago found that it was the left channel tube not fitted properly ,had to resolder some connection to provide enough space so as to tighten the tube plate and then fit the tube, and it started working.
    Also as you both have said will also Be going to bottlehead forum for some questions

    But the sex early hours impressions, what a clean and powerful sounds it provides, a vast expansive and powerful Soundstage
    I hooked first my he400 instead of t1 and sex solved all the problems of it. Mids were balanced , treblr was not articulate as it used to be and then the soundstage ,It improved like a lot
    The powerful solid bass it was providing in that expansive soundstage (when he400 were already good in depth) and the solid attack of instruments, imaging, i was like :scream::heart_eyes:
    while some of the tracks were a bit low quality (200-300 kbps bit rate only)
    All tracks provided me smile goosebumps and something new to hear
    It solved all the problems which he400 used to have(via fiio e17 to sex to he400)
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