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Bottlehead Amplifier Discussion / Comparison Thread: Crack, SEX & Mainline

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by loquah, Sep 24, 2013.
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  1. Loquah

    I may be able to help, but need to check when I get home
  2. dmhenley
    Ok, so the grey finish on the base, white finish on the transformer bell, and a new volume knob. 
    That was fun. Even more fun that I went in for some Jupiter Copper Foil 1.5uf output caps.
    Amp's running now - can't wait for them to settle in.
    I also disconnected the speaker outputs, 'cause it's a dedicated headamp now.
    With the Yggdrasil's dual SE outputs, I can run both the SEX and the Mogwai.
    Dig the multiple outs!
    Eagerly awaiting more news on the next-gen SEX...
    bhupdate3.jpg Copper-CR-1k.gif
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  3. navar
    That looks awesome.
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  4. Doc B.
    Just want to throw out the invite to anyone local that we will be having a DIY tube audio meetup at Bottleheadquarters this Saturday from 1-4. We are attempting to bring back the old club from whence Bottlehead sprang 20 years ago. The theme is to bring a project you have built if you have one, or just show up if you don't have a project but want to hang out with like minded individuals. There will of course be plenty of Bottlehead stuff around, but that is not the exclusive focus. We will be putting projects into the system to give them a listen if they work, and thrashing them on the bench if they don't. Naturally there will be lots of music playing throughout the day. My tolerance for audiophile demo warhorses is pretty short, so the music should stay interesting. And there will be lots of good discussion. The Bottlehead gang will be making a fairly strong appearance so there should be plenty of interesting technical talk and probably a few arguments. There's a winery, a brewery and a distillery all next door.
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  5. dmhenley
    Output caps have been in 10 days. Been working from home so running the amp all day when possible. Most natural tone and texture so far from this little amp. So, added the .1uf caps - also Jupiter Copper&Foil. Whoa. Initially, one of the most apparent changes between the Jupiter HTs and these is the high freq extension. A substantial investment but I've found the amp to be competitive with other headamps so was inspired to give it an upgrade. With the mods it surpasses my Mogwai for natural tone, micro-dynamics and nuance.
  6. Doc B.

    S.E.X. 3.0 should be launching tomorrow.
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  7. dmhenley
    Thanks Doc
  8. dmhenley
    Hey All,
    I've got a pair 2.2uf Jupiter HT round caps I can sell. I ran them in the SEX for several months, but I've upgraded to Copper&Foil.
    Can post in Forums too - but thought I'd drop a note.
    Have a great Holiday.
  9. mbyrnes
  10. Textfeud
    Hi guys, does anybody have the Bottlehead S.E.X 2.1 manual in PDF for me? Never received it when I bought it in the classifieds.
  11. bigfatpaulie
    I think @Doc B. asks that people do not distribute the documentation as it is copyrighted etc...  Perhaps ask him directly.
  12. NightFlight
    I would log into http://bottlehead.com/ and get they're attention over there. Provide some sort of proof you have a kit.
  13. Textfeud
    Will do, thanks guys!
  14. deserat
    Been slowly building the Mainline I bought a few months back for the last two weeks. Hour or two each night. It's been a very enjoyable experience. The mainline is definitely  a more advanced build than the Crack in that there are a lot of smaller components, and tighter solder joints, more precise stripping etc... but it also feels like the layout is cleaner, less crammed together. Less of a rats nest of cables - which makes it easier to see what I'm doing. Just finished the stepped attenuators which is my favorite part of the build so far... something very cathartic about the symmetry there.  I think I'm going to be sad when the build is done.   But I bought the crackatwoa when it was on sell too, so I guess I get to do the attenuator build on that in a few months. 

    Happy New Years all.
  15. NightPhotograph
    I see you have HD800, Mainline, and Crackatwoa. That's great news for me since I own the HD800 and am going back and forth between these two amps but cannot make my mind. I would really appreciate it if you could share your findings with me when you are done with the build.
    Happy New Year
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