Bose QC35 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by blinxat, Jun 6, 2016.
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  1. Graham Baker
    I usually go along with inner fidelity but in this case I found the exact opposite.
    I returned my QC35 for the very problem of detached/gritty treble and bought the 550’s which to my ears are far smoother and just more coherent.
    With the QC35’s I found I was listening more to the tweeter than I was to the music, it was just so obviously emphasised.
    The PXC550’s let me get on with listening to my music, far more transparent...
    Just *my* personal experience- I did try 3 different pairs of QC35’s, all had the same problem (for me) to some extent.
    Maybe they were just too revealing? Dunno, just couldn’t live with the piercing treble, loved the bottom end though...
    Hm, just read your comments again, did you mean inner fidelity meant the QC35’s have crunching cellophane? If so then I totally agree...
    From what I remember I don’t think inner fidelity liked the treble of the PXC550 very much either but to me they are a much better/smoother top end than the Bose...
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  2. Michial
    I found the PXC550 didn’t sound good until I used the director mode with the sound tweek settings. But the music sounded artificial to me using the fx mode. The Sennheiser HD598 which are $129 on Amazon sound far superior to the 550’s which cost 3 times the price.
  3. Graham Baker
    Yes they are a bit flat until you tweak Director settings, after which I find them very good for my taste..
    I have never needed to use the parametric equaliser in the Sennheiser App, just a mild tweak in Director mode - and it sticks - it’s a permanent setting, unlike the equaliser app
    It’s such a personal thing, the only way is to live with them for a while to get to know if you can live with them or not...
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  4. Michial
    The volume was another issue with the Sennheiser’s. Many times I could never get them high enough driving them with my iPhone 8 Plus. But I digress, this is a QC35, not a PXC550 thread.
  5. DarwinOSX
    I find the ear cups on the Sony are too small and hot. So it’s subjective.
  6. DarwinOSX
    Some M2 owners are reporting cracked headbands.
  7. DarwinOSX
    Hardly anything uses LDAC. A lot of people don’t realize the Bose do SBC and AAC and AAC with i devices sounds as good as Apt X. AptXHD might sound a little better on the Sony. I did find the Sony’s had a little fuller sound but the ear ups were too small and hot. I really like all the ability to customize the Sony’s though. I also thought the Sony’s had boomy bass but could adjust it.
  8. galocza
    so true, ldac might be great, but its use is limited by the handful sony devices that support it. on the other hand, i use mine on pc, and this limits me more or less to aptx.
    apps and bass: here is where i had problems - and maybe i just missed something. first, sony couldnt manage to develop a windows program to do the adjustments and i have windows phone so i had to borrow a phone to use the app (only developed for android and iphone). second, it seems to me that the headphones dont remember the settings, they are only valid on the mobile device on which the app is installed (not sure about this, but after migrating back to the pc it sounded bassy again). third, even if the manual clearly states that the 1000xm2 doesnt support clear bass technology, its present and set to quite a high level even in the basic (off) equalizer preset.
    and i should really stop hijacking the qc topic...
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  9. Michial
    Hope you can field a couple questions. I use headphones appx 12 hours a day Monday through Thursday for my Seattle bus commute and work cubicle time. I bought the AirPods but find I have to charge them at 9am then at 130pm to get me through the day. I’m afraid the battery capacity will deplete rapidly doing this 4 times a week. The QC35 I would need to charge every night so I can get a full 12 hours in.

    While the AirPods are $190 less than the QC35 and more convenient they are not loud enough for my walks or commute and don’t sound as good as the QC35. I’m in the return policy for both the AirPods and QC35. However with all that said retailers are now selling the QC25 for only $169.99 which is nearly $200 less than the QC35.

    Bose has confirmed they both have the exact same audio drivers and ANC. So I can buy two QC25 for less than the QC35. Plus I won’t have to worry about charging. Since I have an iPhone 8 Plus with a wireless charging pad at work I can keep the wire plugged in and retain a charge all day if needed on my phone.

    It was a no brainer getting the QC35 when it was only $50 more than the QC25. But since it’s now almost $200 more is it still worth it? And secondly, if you could only afford one of these headphones would you take the AirPods, QC35 or QC25? Please don’t say they are different and I have both. Most people can’t afford both. However it’s a fact for the price of the QC35 if that’s your budget, one could buy AirPods and the QC25 for less than the QC35.
    Thanks for hearing me out.
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  10. DarwinOSX
    I think your Airpod batteries won't wear down that quickly as far as charging and usage but yeah they are only good for about 5 hours. AirPods do fast charge so with about 15 minutes in the case you get another 3 hours of listing time.
    Plus they have no noise isolation so not great for commuting and being in a cubicle. I'm in an office with a cubicle farm outside my door but I leave my door open most of the time so like to use ANC even in an office. I'd really want ANC in your situation.
    The AirPods are really small and convenient with decent sound so I use them when in circumstances where that's what I want like the gym.
    There has to be some differences between the QC 25 and 35....but if you are price sensitive go for the 25. Best Buy has it on sale for $169.
    I see the Sonys are still on sale a few places like Target for $299 by the way and i just saw them for that today.. I think they are better in most ways but the ear cups are kind of small and hot to me.
    Do you know anyone who is active duty or a veteran? The Exchange is selling the QC 35 for $249, no tax and free shipping and active duty or veterans can order them online. You don't typically see Bose for a discount anywhere else.
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  11. Michial
    Appreciate the reply. Thanks for the tip on the veteran deal. The wire is no big deal to me,especially since it’s $200 more to ditch it and the Bose community page confirmed the QC35 battery is non replaceable. With me needing to recharge nearly every evening after 12 hour days I will go through these things in less than two years. After 500 charged the battery degrades 20-30% and the replacement cost is $259.99 through Bose. I’d rather buy AAA batteries through Costco. 64 pack for less than $20. QC25 and AirPods for less than the QC35 with more longevity on QC25 and more convenience when needed with AirPods. Thanks again!
  12. Jodiuh
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  13. Jodiuh
    This is 100% notes in MacOS fault!!!
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  14. Jodiuh
    Can you go into this further or paste a link where I can read about it? I was under the impression I would be doing vanilla bluetooth from QC 35 II to iPhone 8 Plus. That’s not the case then? It will sound better? Possibly not have range or intermittent dropouts like the LG Tones I’m currently using?

    I tried the QC 35’s this past summer and sent them back for two reasons:
    The bass seemed WAY over the top…WAY WAY WAY over the top.
    ANC could not be turned off and this made listening to podcasts or headspace meditation app or audible in a quiet room impossible because of the white noise.
    That said, the actual noise cancelling got very very close to comply sport foams. That’s VERY impressive as no ear violation’s required for the QC to do it’s magic. The sound quality came across as smooth and easy to listen for long periods of time. The comfort for this type of headphone also knocked my ridiculously comfortable winter socks off.

    So lately, it seems I can’t wear in ear headphones without excessive pain even after taking them off. I’ve had the EarPods for 2 days. They’re FAR better than I expected. They actually have a little low end, they’re smooth, with a soundstage that’s shocking for an earphone, and of course incredibly convenient to use with the charge case, pairing, etc. Comfort’s a little bit of an issue as they push on the back of my ear. I’m hoping to get some foams and see if that helps.

    But I need something for the gym and I’m not sure how they’ll do given how open they are. So I’m considering ordering a pair of the Bose QC 35 II’s now that ANC can be shut off. Perhaps I can tweak the bass a little to suit my tastes…

    Anyway, how do you find the bass of the QC 35 II’s?

    So you’re the perfect hf’er to ask then…

    Given what I wrote up top (need headphones for gym, desire headphones for @ home, out sitting down @ coffee, etc). I haven’t been to the gym with the AirPods yet, but how do they fare for you? Do they do ok with noise in the background? I don’t wanna crank them up…will be getting some of those little foams to put around so hoping that might help a bit with blocking some noise out…even it’s a very very small amount. Do they stay put? Do you have any issues with the back of them putting pressure on your ears and causing pain?

    Do you think the QC’s could be used for the gym? I would like the noise cancelling there, but am concerned about getting hot ears or them falling all over the place. Also, how do you find their sound quality? Maybe the QC’s I got had a defective or loose driver? They had some of the most sloppy overblown low end I’d ever heard. :frowning2:


    edit: and now my hot dogs are cold. :frowning2:
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  15. DarwinOSX
    Apple devices do SBC or AAC Bluetooth and so do the Bose. Not sure what else you want to know about it?
    The AirPods are not sound isolating in a very loud environment.
    The old QC 35 could also modify or change noise canceling but does it by the app instead of a button.
    The QCs could be used for the gym and I don’t find them too bossy and I don’t like a lot of bass.
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