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Bose QC35 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by blinxat, Jun 6, 2016.
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  1. Jodiuh
    thanks, so AAC bluetooth is better than sbc? I don't know what sbc is, but AAC is better because why?

    My gym isn't too loud, they do have music playing though. I guess I'll have jot try when I get the foamies in...too much ear wax getting in the grills without those little foam ear pads. Hopting that will make them a bit more comfy as they numbed the back of my ear a little.

    So you don't find the II's bassy? I had the originals and the bass overwhelmed me... Are you a bass head?

    from the wirecutter…
    Brent and I didn’t like the change. As he said, “I like the sound of the 25 better. They gave these a bass bump and a treble boost. Little too sizzly and a little too bloated.” Lauren was on the fence, “Decent highs, though a little rolled off. The mids are a bit flat (lacking dimension) and lows are a little bloated.”

    From sound guys…
    Lows are definitely still given preference over everything else, but on the bright side the weird rattle that used to occur in songs with heavy bass is gone, so thankfully they fixed that. That said, these aren’t any less bassheavy. Each basskick in the song “We Just Haven’t Met Yet” by Russ shook my eyes just a little bit. I’m sure some people will find this to be great but I do not. Still, at least the rattling is gone. Mids are just as clean as they’ve always been with vocals coming through loud and clear.
  2. DarwinOSX
  3. DarwinOSX
    Does anyone else notice that whenever you turn your headphones on they revert to High noise canceling no matter what they were set to before? I prefer no noise canceling a lot of the time since I use my headphones in my office and I assume no or low noise canceling sounds better than high. Or perhaps the full DSP does not kick in unless you have at least low noise canceling turned on?
  4. Jodiuh
    For anyone thinking the QC35's bass is overwhelming and doesn't need the ANC, check out the Soundlink II. I'm much more impressed with the sound signature on the Soundlink. I've had it on my head for about 4 hours now. I would take the 35 off after 15 to 30 minutes in frustration.
  5. viperxp
    Hello. Can anyone comment on the material of the earpads, and the longevity? Also a suggestion of alternative earpads would be welcome.
  6. tgh5000
    Hi! I am considering the Sounklink II. Do you still like them after about 6 months? If possible, could you give the sound impressions compared to the QC 35? And do they provide some kind of passive isolation? Thanks!
  7. Jodiuh
    I listen to these more than any headphone I've ever had. No wires, incredibly comfortable, and great passive noise cancellation. Just went down to the laundry room after watching Friends (the tv show) playing from an iPhone 8 Plus to the SL II's. I normally put phone in pocket, but this time forgot. I still had a connection! Maybe 30 feet? But many walls.

    -connected to 2 sources, but this causes some issues with it connecting and disconnecting from an iPad whilst listening to the iPhone. So I just use it with the iPhone mostly...unless I'm using an iPad/macbook for lengthy periods of time.
    -speaking of connection, it's fantastic when paired with a single source, like my iPhone. If I'm watching Friends on the iPhone and flip on the SLII's, I hear the bose lady say the battery % and the source. After that Friends kicks in right away. It's fast and very reliable.
    -the controls are very tactile and easy to use for on/off/volume/siri/play/pause/skip tracks, etc
    -excellent build quality and design, stays on my head, they don't heat up my ears, and whilst listening to something, outside noises are subdued more than I would have thought.
    -battery life is fantastic, the case it comes in's very nice

    Sound quality. They don't sparkle like a pair of Beyer DT880's, but I like that as I never get any kind of listening fatigue. They're very smooth and with a small downward slope from mid to low, I'm very very happy with them.

    So yeah, I'm not sure I would recommend them. :p
  8. hifi80sman
    Depends what type of sound profile you like. I have the QC 35 and had the Soundlink II (ended up returning them, but A/B both at the same time). if you're near a Bose outlet, you can get the Soundlink II much cheaper by purchasing a "Factory Reconditioned" pair, which I found looked and felt new.

    That being said, my real world experience mirrored the measurements by rtings.com. To me, they sound very similar, but the QC 35 has a bit more detail (high-mid, low-treble regions) and more bass. Although the bass on the QC 35 is a bit bloated, for me, since I use the QC 35 at the gym and while traveling, the added bass is welcome, since louder environments naturally impact bass performance. If I'm at home in a quiet environment, I'd probably go for the Soundlink II, which also happens to function slightly better as a headset for calls. It's really user preference. The QC 35 sounds more "fun" and "exciting", while the Soundlink II is a more "mature" listen. Just depends what you like and where you like it (that's what she said).

    Last edited: Jun 21, 2018
  9. infinitum4
    Just got these for SGD329 (around USD240) brand new, Series I White. Gotta say they're pretty good for commuting! The emphasized bass is what I need exactly during commute. My ears do sometimes get hot (I live in a country near the equator, its constantly summer). They're pretty lightweight, with very little clamping force between my head. They're not as comfortable as my Nightowl, but the Nightowl's form factor is not exactly portable so I really can't complain, they're up there in terms of comfort.

    I feel that the soundstage is quite small (this is where it falls short) and instrument separation is not clear enough. I still hear detail very clearly, which is enough for travel purposes.

    The ANC is basically a switch to shut yourself out of the world. Well no you could still hear sudden noises, but most of the sound is gone.

    Overall, I'd say the QC35 is a worthwhile purchase for me. Do you guys have any recommendations for earpad replacement that might increase the comfort even further? (No velour and such though, only leathers)
  10. Hubert481
  11. Hubert481
    Any news o a Bose QC45 ?
  12. hifi80sman
    Not that I am aware of, however, the tea leaves suggest there is something in the works, as there have been sales on the QC 35 II, including clearance sales at certain Target locations. I find Target's clearance sales on headphones (Beats, etc.) indicate those items will no longer be carried, which suggests new incoming models.
  13. BonzerKeith
    I have QC35's. does anyone know if they can be rewired from SE (Single Ended) to Balanced. If so who can carry this modification out in the UK?
    Thanks in advance.
  14. Roen
    Doubt it, but why would you want to? You’re not going to get more fidelity out of those cans.
  15. BonzerKeith
    I have just purchased iBasso DX120 DAP after using the DX90 for 3 years. The DX120 comes with both SE and Balanced output. The output from the Balanced Output is higher the SE Output. The SE Output of the DX120 is lower than that of the DAP I am replacing (DX90). Also I wish to use Balanced Headphones!
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