Bose QC35 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by blinxat, Jun 6, 2016.
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  1. Blinxat

    So Bose made the QC25 wireless..... I went to the Bose store today but they only had a demo unit and will not sell it until the 15th in my country. First impression was that they couldn't resist to turn up the bass...Otherwise fairly good.
    Anyone got it yet, it appears that in the US it is already available.
  2. Closingracer
    I got these for free to review and as a bass head these are the first pair of Bose headphones that I enjoy .... The bass is slightly boosted unlike previous headphones I have tried which was the Freestyle in ear models which are basically the same as the sound true in ears i believe. These aren't as boosted like the Beats solo 2 or my favorite the V-moda M100.  Overall for ANC I find these to sound fantastic if you want an ANC headphone.
  3. WilCox Contributor
    Picked up a QC35 at Best Buy today.  First impression is quite positive (in the context of a Bluetooth/ANC wireless headphone).
  4. YankeeFan
    I love these headphones....the sound is awesome, noise cancellation is great and works great on phone calls as well...overall a great new launch by first Bose NC headphones and boy am I not sorry I got them...
  5. Hubert481
    Can anyone make a comparement between QC25 and QC35
    I would like to have a comparement regarding NOISE REDUCTION.
    Does it also eleminate voices? The QC25 did not so fine, hope theQC35 is better in eleminatingVoices (male and female)

    Here is the QC25 Diagramm

    I hope, innerfidelity will test the QC35 soon
  6. whsbuss

    Not a bass head here, but when I tried the on-ear and newer over-ear Sound Link headphones I found the sound to be clean and crisp but left a lot to be desired as far as "guts" go. Besides the fact that 3 different sets had some skipping on iOS and OS X (that firmware did not fix for me), my music experience just didn't have any excitement. I returned all of them and got a good deal on Beats studio wireless 2. Been happy with them although the passive noise cancellation could never reach the Bose ones.
    Glad to hear these have some additional bass response. Did you compare to last year's Bose wireless line?
  7. whiterabbit
    Can't wait to try these, wasn't overly impressed with the QC25 and the Momentum Wireless is spotty with bluet tooth.
  8. Blinxat
    For me the QC25 lacked treble and bass lacked punch. QC35 definitely has more bass, but seemed somewhat loose. the AEII wireless had better treble but overall was a a bit lacking in resolution and detail. I hope the QC35 fixes this, but I need a longer audition. I assume owners will chime in on this.
    the Momentum Wireless is more premium in construction but they sounded horrible to me, mid treble suck out and telephone like vocals.
    I think it will be decent, you are mainly getting this for wireless and the noise cancelling, Bose doesn't really do audiophile accuracy cans, they are more about polite and pleasing.
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  9. Closingracer

    I haven't tried the on ear wireless since I hate those types of ear cups ( not on ear itself but the style they use) and never tried the over ear as well. I was never a fan of bose sound quality but did find their products to be one of the most comfortable pair of headphones or earphones I have ever tried which is why I own a pair of their in ear models. The comfort for me is good enough of a reason to use them. Beats studio wireless is actually an ANC Headphone which I have tried and returned because of the hiss and the comfort was terrible.

    As far as the wireless signal goes I found these to work fine with my iPhone 6 plus never had any issues with sound cutting off.
  10. Closingracer

    Listening to these the bass is somewhat loose but not loose enough that I would care. Overall I think the QC35 is the best product Bose had made in terms of sound quality but it is based mostly off my opinions of in store units of the other headphone models.
  11. bubsdaddy
    I purchased these yesterday at Best Buy. My initial listening last night was a very positive experience. I didn't hear a degradation of sound listening with Bluetooth. The bass is very full - probably the most of any Bose headphone and bordering on V-moda territory. They came 70% charged and I listened for about an hour. They are very comfortable and I really like the silver color. I did an Amazon review but it hasn't posted yet for some reason. When it does I'll repost it here. I own the QC3, QC15, QC20 and QC25 so maybe I can make some comparisons. I also own the Bose AE2w and Bose Soundlink On Ear if anyone wants a comparison between those. 
  12. Hubert481
    A noise canceling comparsion between QC25 and QC35 would be great - thank you!
  13. whsbuss

    Your thoughts regarding the flow and listening excitement of music compared to the AEW2 and over ear sound link 2. I actually thought the AEW2 has a better bass response than the newer sound links
  14. bubsdaddy
    My impressions: The AE2w is pitched to be more revealing with a bit of an upper midrange boost that gives the music a little more bite and clarity. This caused a lot of listeners to consider them to be bass shy. I thought they had plenty of bass when needed but it wasn't a "bassy" signature phone. The QC35 is much bassier in that regard as the bass is one of the first things that you notice. It's rich and deep and lays down a great foundation. I don't own the over ear Soundlink but the QC35 is much more a cousin of the Soundlink On Ear in most respects. The difference is the much better soundstage and instrument separation in the QC35. It's really very good, especially when you consider this is happening over the inferior protocol of Bluetooth. 
  15. whsbuss

    Thanks for the low down. Gonna stop by the Bose store and give them a listen. At least there they let you connect your own music source to evaluate. My only concern is the $350 price tag.
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