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Blon in ear monitors impressions thread

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  1. Arjey
    Zishan Z3 modded
  2. genck
    Sorry that I don't have experience with that unit however I've noticed the Blon 03 definitely scales a lot with regards to source, I can easily tell the difference from a phone to my laptop headphone out to my desktop dac/amp. Something to keep in mind and perhaps try (if able).
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  3. Arjey
    To bad, but my phone is actually better than my laptop)) My phone is Xiaomi Mi A1, it has a built-in amp, but no DAC, but it's pretty powerful. The Zishan has a DAC (AK4490, maybe you heard of it? It's the same as in Fiio X5 and Cayin N3) and a powerful amp, OPA1622, sounds better than my phone. I would think that should be enough.. no? I don't really have anything else to use(
  4. kukkurovaca
    You may just be running into a limitation of the driver, rather than your source gear. I don't think the Blons are the kind of IEMs that are transformed by changing to a better source, although it is true that the bass response is a bit cleaner with more power.

    Some users find that the Blon cannot keep up with complex passages of music, this is something that @baskingshark points out often. So, I don't think there is anything wrong with your setup or listening, it may just be that the Blon isn't the best pick for certain tracks/genres.
  5. noobandroid
    anyone attempted to wear bl-03 cable down, npt pasing through the back of the ear? can i see an image of the wear method look?
  6. Slater
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2019
  7. redrol
    No joke, you might need a different source. You would be amazed what different stuff sounds like.
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  8. genck
    No, no it isn't. lol

    To quantify this argument I have an Asgard 3 and while it's beyond overkill for IEM's that's kind of the point, your little portable dac/amp is not "powerful" and I can easily hear the difference with this IEM with better sources as I've already said, you seemed to blow it off. Ok, cool.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2019
  9. Arjey
    Yeah, I know the phone isn't what I should be listening on. I didn't blow off what you said, I just don't know if the sound quality will increase significantly by upgrading from my Zishan. BTW, your Asgard 3 runs on AK4490, the exact same dac as in my Zishan :p I'm not saying mine is nearly as good as yours, because it's portable after all, and the amp is opa1622, but it has an output of 145mw, which is more than enough IMHO. Many non portable expensive amps have less..
    Of course it's cool to have something like what you have, but I don't have $$ for that, and it is kind of overkill for a $30 iem, even if it sounds great)
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  10. genck
    I'm not in the mood to explain the difference, use your brain.
  11. TimeSnow
    FTR I think the blon sounds pretty great just from my phone. It sounds a lot better with my Ztella Dac, and even better with my UE amp. But... The biggest upgrade came after I'd used it for a few weeks and it burned in. I had to eq it for the first week. Then one day I took off the eq and it just sounded different than when it arrived. Literally I listened only with eq and then it just sounded different one day when I tried it w/o.

    Maybe let just give it a couple weeks.
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  12. genck
    I had the same experience
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  13. FastAndClean
  14. dharmasteve
    Exactly. Let it burn in, relax, enjoy.
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  15. GreenJay
    I removed the memory wire and now I can wear the cable down.[​IMG]

    Last edited: Dec 15, 2019
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