BitPerfect (was: Audirvana Alternatives)
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  The sound should be pretty much identical, this is how BitPerfect's reference system is set up. Gigabit wired connection to a Synology NAS, and we notice no degradation vs. the built-in drive on a Mac Mini.

Thanks, just what I needed to hear Agentsim.
I recently picked up some vintage receivers which are really sensitive to usb noise.
When I hook them up to my iMac there's a buzz, my iMac has a lot of usb stuff connected to it.
When I hook them up to my MBP with just one USB cable going to the same dac the noise is gone.
So'll I'll probably get me a Mac Mini to connect my dacs to it and connect to my library via network.
Is the standard Mac Mini model ok or is there any use for more memory or a faster processor?
I might be using it for HD video playback over the network as well by hooking it up to an AV receiver with HDMI.

You might consider a Schiit Wyrd. Might be much less expensive, and you don't need to manage multiple computers. 
Also, I believe the imac still has optical out (through the 3.5mm plug), so you can try that.
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  You might consider a Schiit Wyrd. Might be much less expensive, and you don't need to manage multiple computers. 
Also, I believe the imac still has optical out (through the 3.5mm plug), so you can try that.

Thanks for the Wyrd tip, I forgot about that one!
Just ordered me one from their European site, will try it out.
I prefer to use USB, I have more than one dac.
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  FYI, just tried the Wyrd, no USB noise reduction at all. 
They accept returns sow will ship it back tonight.
It's gonna be a dedicated Mini after all. :)

thanks for the update. Interesting. 
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I have a bit of an organisational problem.
My music setup has evolved to using iTunes where I keep my library for organisational purposes (i.e. a database) in the classic view with the column browser on top. I can think of no better way of managing my library.
Also, iTunes enables syncing with my iPod Classic and iTunes Match of course.
For playback though I started to use Roon. This has nothing to do with SQ, BitPerfect, Audirvana, Roon and most other players are equal regarding SQ in my opinion, I can't hear a difference.
Roon is just a wonderful way of re-discovering your own music, discovering new music, links between music and artists and just playing the music that matches your mood.
While using using both iTunes (with BitPerfect of course) and Roon in tandem is the perfect system it also induced a problem.
I keep my DSD albums in iTunes by creating Hybrid-DSD files with DSD Master.
Roon reads these just fine but only the 176Khz portion of the file or course, it doesn't see the original DSD file contained in the hybrid file.
This means I have to keep the DSD file in a separate Roon library and any changes I make to the hybrid file in iTunes isn't reflected onto the DSD file in Roon of course.
Therefore I'd like to ask you if you would be willing to make Hybrid-DSD files (the DSD portion of it) accessible through Roon. Since it is a proprietary format this would require permission form you part. I have no idea what would have to be done technically.
Any chance this could happen Agentsim?
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Wondering if anyone can help me out here.

I’ve always used BitPerfect with the optical connection on my late 2012 MacMini OSX 10.11.6. Despite some very minor issues (some sputtering, repeating parts of tracks, all things I’ve been able to solve reading the site or are so sporadic it doesn’t bother me) I’ve been very happy with the purchase.

Recently bought 2 different USB DAC’s that have suddenly caused some more serious issues. My Bifrost via optical has no issues dealing with sample rate changes or switching between sources. Both the USB DAC’s I now have are not as stable with BitPerfect. Every time a sample rate changes from 44.1k to say 96k, the USB DAC’s will either stop playing or play audio that sputters and stalls incoherently. They also take some playing around to get BitPerfect to interact with them. They are present and selectable, however I often have to Disable/Re-enable a few times just to get audio through the USB DAC’s. Otherwise there is no audio at all, or again the sputtering and stalling.

Both DAC’s function as normal when BitPerfect is not enabled and from other sources.

Chain is:
MacMini late 2012>Audioquest Jitterbug> Schiit Fulla 2/Dragonfly Red

I have tested both DAC’s with and without the AQ Jitterbug with no success.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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