1. ostewart
    My commuter and only bike, a £340 Verenti Technique Claris [​IMG] It's a great bike for the price, with a carbon front fork etc... Don't worry the bell has been taken off, and tyres are not longer the terrible ultrasport II 28c, now running Vittoria Rubino Pro 25c
    This is when it was new, it now has a new front wheel after a collision with a white van... (I didn't get hurt, but the wheel was not in a good state).
    Running the front wheel of this wheelset, which is a DT swiss one made for specialized, bought from my local specialized shop as they had one that a customer upgraded the wheels as soon as they bought the bike, for £50 I can't complain, it's stayed true for the last couple of months, whereas the Alex rear wheel is already slightly buckled and I only got the bike September last year:
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  2. ArmAndHammer
    Favorite bike I've ever owned. Debating on trying Ti or steel soon. Similar configuration. Sliders for the single speed option but likely will get gears for those longer rides with lots of climbing. Thinking Carver for Ti and maybe Gunnar for steel.

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  3. Podster
    Nice Kona Arm&, you don't need no stinking gears. See the hill, take the hill:bicyclist:
  4. ArmAndHammer
    Or walk it...either way I'm getting to the
  5. Rozenberg
    Finally almost got my bike set up. Figured might as well join the thread here for infos and such as well.

    Decided to go back to cycling but instead of MTB, I'm trying road bike this time and boy such a wonderful feeling.
    Smooth ride and all.
    Bought the GT Grade Alloy with 105 gearset because local dealer near home had it on sale. Just couldn't resist...


    Really loving it so far, both on road and offroad. Though still kinda rough offroad, I'm thinking of replacing the stock seatpost with a Canyon VCLS 2.0 soon. Hopefully it's the best choice for more comfort. Someday, the wheels too...
  6. HondoMUC
    You have to end up completely broke when your passions are audio and bike :o2smile:

    My bikes: BMC fourstroke (love it, brought me transalp), Giant Defy for the road and an old Peugeot Racer (singlespeed) for commuting in the city.
  7. Wyville
    My wife tries to keep my audio spending in check for just that reason. I used to own an €8k+ ($10k+) Intense M1 downhill MTB that I never got to use because I injured my back two weeks before my planned first downhill ride. I had several other specialist bikes including a Giant Team Trials I set up for street riding, but eventually ended up with a Scott Scale 40 MTB and a Specialized Allez Expert road bike.

    The thing is, my wife knows that I am not really interested in buying anything new because we live in London and I never ride outside any more. When I can get back out, however, I will soon be looking at a new aero road bike or, if we move to Scotland, a full suspension MTB. ...or both. :smile:
  8. Icenine2
    All true. But I really want a Pinarello Dogma F10 with SRAM eTap
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  9. Wyville
    Very, very nice, but even while I was at my most reckless with money I wouldn't have spent that much on a road bike. Boy, Pinarello (and a few other brands) have really upped the ante in terms of price and innovation.

    I kinda like the BMC Time Machine TMR01. I train pretty close to TT, always by myself and at top speed, so the geometry is ideal.
  10. kellybundy110
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  11. Podster
    LOL, I hear ya, my two Commuter/Hill Climbers are singles and been getting some good time on them this past summer:grin:

    The Titanium Hill Climber.JPG
    Trek Topper.JPG
  12. Icenine2
  13. uoods
    Anyone have luck with folding bikes? Doing some traveling over the next year and it might be convenient to bring a bike with me rather than hire one locally.
  14. parbaked
  15. Hutnicks
    Or you could just pony up for the skb case and pull the wheels and fork and ride the bike you really want to.

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