1. Podster
    So true Hut and better than this!

  2. JamesCanada
    Not many mountain bikes here!
    Hope I don't get rocks thrown at me!!
    Santa Cruz Solo before they changed the name to 5010.
    Full carbon , Sram XX0 and XTR Brakes.
    Almost 4 years old now and still in great shape even tho I beat the crap out of this bike!

    James IMG_1067.JPG IMG_1068.JPG IMG_1069.JPG IMG_1070.JPG
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  3. Icenine2
  4. labcoat
    My long term project is taking too long so picked this IRO Mark V up from craigslist

  5. UntilThen
    Wow I can't believe there's a Bicycle-Fi thread in Head-Fi. :)

    Had the Specialised Roubaix Elite since 2010. I was very keen when I started out and rode for 3 years. Even got the bike racks on top of the car. Then I suddenly stopped. Not sure why. Ah I know why. I got into Head-Fi and gradually just didn't have time to cycle anymore. Last week, I got the bike out again. Wash it, re-grip it, inflated the tyres and went for a short ride. Felt good again. I think I will start riding again and feel the wind against my face. It's winter and a good time to get started again.

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  6. Redcarmoose
    The suite up and show up philosophy. It may responsible for a great deal?
  7. UntilThen
    My bike now. :)


    When it was new.

  8. Silent One
    If bicycle-fi did not exist on head-fi, Redcarmoose would've established it in the blink of a browser-refresh! :ksc75smile:

    Looks like late September before I can do any meaningful riding. Tho, "Le Tour" may see me sneakin' out for a very e-a-sy pedestrian three miles around the neighborhood once a week. I need new water bottles...who doesn't like to shop for gear?!

    BH-S5 - Copy.jpg
    Cervelo S5 - Copy.jpg
    cervelo+schwinn (681x1024).jpg
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  9. Redcarmoose
    F00C310F-1EC6-4B50-87BF-7BB9ED19DD7F.jpeg D7B47FDD-DED6-402B-8A2A-C1A451926D29.jpeg BF7BED3C-7461-41A3-B460-1FD0B437E27C.jpeg D06D417D-CF92-42FE-B60B-624C8188A98A.jpeg 824584A0-5D75-4C71-A2B8-D8BA579A57C4.jpeg 44DBF062-FFED-4926-812C-DBAFA128402B.jpeg 7C763B43-1989-40B2-AD40-D6189D8EDD7F.jpeg A080D0B2-6304-499F-B1AA-C71B14EAB48A.jpeg

    This is pretty close to what my favorite bike was. A 54” Paletti SLX. It had Super Record Groupo like this when I purchased it. The only difference is mine had a different stem. I liked it even better than my Master/Record SLX.

    I haven’t been riding that much as I had a tree fall crush my arm while riding, and even though I’m 100% better, my wife doesn’t like me to ride that much. I do sneak out from time to time. Lol.

    When I started our cloths were made of wool and our shoes were wood. There was no such thing as a helmet.
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  10. UntilThen
    Very nice Cervelo and vintage Paletti with Super Record Group set.
  11. Wyville
    Darn it, that is a lovely S5! Still tops my wish list for a new bike, but a little too expensive for me at the moment. Plus, I need to get back home first. We have a few more months left in London and then we are moving back home to the glorious bicycle heaven that is the Netherlands. :D Can't wait to get my bike (Specialized Allez) out of the Tacx and onto some proper roads again! Once the move is out of the way I will be faced with the choice... New bike or Head-fi gear. :cold_sweat:
  12. Silent One
    Thx Wyville. Your days appear to be filled with wonder and adventure, experiencing London and actually living in bicycle!

    If I were faced with the same decision, I”d choose to buy both the road bike & audio gears “pre-owned” instead of only having one or the other new.
  13. Wyville
    Thanks! We have been living in London for about three years now and in all that time I have only been able to ride my bike in the Tacx trainer, so I am eagerly looking forward to moving back home. Before we moved to London we lived in an ideal cycling spot, even great by Dutch standards (the Giro passed through there a couple of years ago), where we could exit our street and have miles upon miles of the typical Dutch dyke roads to ride on. Never really any traffic, just people walking their dog, out for a run, or (of course) cycling. We're now moving to a different part of the country, but it should also have great places to ride.

    I always prefer to buy new and just got the Empire Ears Phantom, so I don't urgently need new head-fi gear. My Allez though is now around five years old and could use some new parts at the very least. I never even got around to buying a decent set of wheels for it. (Your Rovals look mighty sweet!) Since I generally ride alone and flat out, I could use a more aero bike. Ideally a TT bike, but that might not be ideal depending on the routes I could ride and amount of traffic, so something like the S5 or new Venge would be a lot more sensible.
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  14. Hutnicks
    Sure, But the ever unfashionable "hair net" was always an option.

    Steel fan for years and years here. The failures of two aluminium bikes of late have re enforced my affection for steel. I can kick a steel bike back into shape on a long ride, where a composite or alumium frame cost me a cab or train ride almost equivalent to the cost of the

    Kicking myslelf largely these days as back in the 90's I ran into a bike shop that was closing and had Campo galore. Could have bought the lot for about 5K but in an uncharacteristic moment of no foresight got distracted by the anniversary issue gold toe clips. Had I bought the lot, I'd be retired right now:) Gawd almighty but nothing is a beautiful as the record hubs from those days. Small wonder everyone copied that design.

    Happy riding!
  15. Redcarmoose
    That’s not a bike I actually have now but one I walked into a bike shop in 1986 and purchased for $1500. It fit me better than a SLX Colnogo Master I picked up years later. SLX may have been thought of as heavy and even at times... not trendy? But it was smooth riding and fit my weight. Just reminiscing on past glory here. Haha.

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