1. Icenine2
    I ride the Schwalbe's too. Love them.
  2. eteina

    Loool, that bike is insane
  3. Podster
    My 7 year old is elated, just gave him new tires and he dragged me and my single speed 15 miles yesterday[​IMG] I love when  he turns to me and says why you breathing so hard dad[​IMG]
  4. customcoco

    Memory machines, that's what these are.

    Lovely to hear about people sharing those moments. :wink:
  5. FullCircle

    The young have no idea what horrors father time is anxiously waiting to bestow.
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  6. Hutnicks

    Yes. But by the time they are our age they will have access to DNA therapy and bio-engineering to keep them going:wink:
  7. Podster

    But to me that is the beauty of youth and why we now know how precious that time was, I love the smile on his face when I tell him remember this day when you are 60[​IMG] Yes the Pod is 60 and obviously a late bloomer or really a second time arounder[​IMG] Seemed to help being with the right person[​IMG] I figure if they don't kill me they'll make me stronger[​IMG] 4 boys, 38, 15, 13 and 7. What retirement[​IMG] LOL
  8. Tangster
    A new commuting machine arrived at my workplace today.
    8.8kg, 105 groupset, alu frame and carbon fork with pedals and shoes for £599. Bargain.
  9. customcoco

    Amazing !

    Add some SPD pedals on it so you can commute in wearable shoes and you'd be all set :)
  10. Tangster
    Well, my "commute" each day is 22 miles (total) through empty country roads, so being clipped in is no biggie. I'll probably get a set of spds pedals for it once the rubber on the Look Keo 2 that came with is worn down...or until I get the itch to buy something. XD
  11. customcoco

    Well my issue with Keos has more to do with wearing shoes one can't walk with.

    I've been using Crank Brothers Mallet on my MTB, with great results thus far. Easy to use both clipped in and not.
  12. Tangster
    Thankfully I only have to walk about 10 meters once I get off the bike. :)
  13. customcoco

    As long as it pleases you !
  14. nordkapp
    Spin bike intervals......aaarrrggghhhh.....
  15. Icenine2
    Very nice looking!

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