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Beyerdynamic Xelento!

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  1. csglinux
  2. holsen
    Hey there, csglinux
    The first thing I tried was tried was the cable. I've used a FiiO, a 2.5 Balanced and the Copper that came with the Tin P1. Every single one of has a tighter and more assured & solid "click" connection than the stock cable. But I can confirm its not the cable, left is dead no matter what cable I use. over the last few days, the left has cut out several times and forcing flex pop has always brought it back until now. Lets see what Beyerdynamic comes back with ...

  3. JoshG1217
    Well that sucks, man. Sorry to hear that.
  4. holsen
    Yeah, it's a bummer. They're put away, awaiting a response from Beyer
  5. ryanmatic
    FYI I contacted Beyer a week after I bought my Xelentos, and asked for a replacement due to driver flex in the right earpiece only. They replaced the whole set right away, and the new set has no flex in either ear. It sounds like their customer support is pretty consistently excellent; hope they take good care of you.
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  6. holsen
    That's good intel. Thanks, I really hope my experience will be the same.
  7. holsen
    Beyer CS responded to me this mornng asking for Proof of purchase. An hour later I got an RMA. That was quick. I'll give the new units a good listen (imagine I'll have them next week sometime) but as brand new from manufacturer, I may sell them and go for the SE846 as originally intended. I see many of you from 846 thread over here too. Any impressions / preferences 846 vs Xelento? Do we really want to open this can of worms?
  8. JoshG1217
    @holsen Well, hit me up if that happens. If I can get my Hiby R6, DT 1770, and Aurisonics sold, i should have some cash to play with. They are all solid, but I just don't end up using them enough to justify keeping them, and it's always fun to try new stuff. :)
  9. MartussDer
    Has anyone been able to compare xelento vs the fiio fh7?
  10. RSC08
    So, small update...

    I wasn't having a nice time with these. I had fit problems, even after trying N different tips. Seal was pretty bad. Certain songs sounded harsh...

    So today, out of the blue, I decided to take the Sony Kimber 4.4 out and try out the stock cable. And just like that, there was a click, light shined through.

    Sound is amazing, seal is good, silicone stock tips sit in place, no harshness in any song... Conclusion, I'm keeping these and I now have a 200€ cable I cannot use.
  11. TooPoorForHiFi
    In regards to Stock Tips, Please make sure you insert them correctly. I've made the mistake in the past in doing so. Read the Quick Start Guide Page 7
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
  12. RSC08
    I was doing all that already. The problem was the Sony balanced cable. Since the connectors were super straight with no curvature, it was pushing the IEMs off my ear canals.

    PS: Just heard Sting's "'Round Midnight"... wow.
  13. pacman46
    You are right. They only go on one way. If they are backwards they don’t work. And these like pretty much every dynamic iem out there have port holes for a reason. To let the driver breath and move some air. So the seal will not be like iems like shure , Westone makes and were not designed too. IMO I can see having driver flex problems with these even to the point of driver failure if the seal is to great. IMO obviously.
  14. pacman46
    And personally I don’t like MMCX connections. For the simple reason if you remove and attach the cable too many time they weaken and over time they will barley hold the ear pieces and have interconnection problems. So best thing to do is listen to the earphones with the stock cable for awhile and get use to the signature of the iem then figure out what your missing. Then add an upgraded cable later. And avoid changing the cable too many times. And by way when I had these I found the stock cable to actually be very well built. There are others from other companies,, more expensive ones that don’t even come close to these cables. Just my opinion obviously.
  15. holsen
    If you see my post from yesterday, that's exactly what happened. My left driver just finally gave out. Having said that, Beyer pretty much instantly gave me an RMA and promise of replacement when I brought it to their attention. And @ryanmatic say he had very similar experience - he never had a driver failure but tremendous driver flex and with his replacement the issue was taken care of, not to be seen again, so I'm hopeful it was limited to the first production runs and now it's been dealt with. We'll see. I should have a brand new factory direct set next week
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