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Beyerdynamic Xelento!

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  1. Adnan Firoze
    My feelings about the Xelento are verbatim to what's written here. The stock tips didn't work for me. Was really disappointed. Too bass-heavy and dark. I like sparkle. Using a double flange Spinfit right now and EQed my QP2R to boost the highs too. I feel with a tesla driver inside each side, one shouldn't need to do this. I am coming from using a Beyerdynamic Tesla T1, so yeah, these are not that. At this price, I really shouldn't need to compare these to my P1s (except my P1s are the MeeAudio Pinnacle P1). haha.
  2. RSC08
    My Xelento arrive tomorrow, let's see how they fair.
  3. JoshG1217
    I don't recall the other items in your collection, but how do the Beyers compare beyond the P1? Would you say they have more of the overear sound with deeper bass and wider stage that Beyer is known for, or the Beyer house sound? Still curious about them, even with the Auriosonics making their way over to me.
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  4. RSC08
    Listening to mine for the first time... #stupidgrin
  5. csglinux
    Cool! Please let us know which eartips work best for you. I had no luck at all with the stock tips and I only own the Xelentos because of the Cp100 SpinFits. Apart from the fit and seal (and so obviously the low end) they slightly shift the treble too.

    Forgot to mention something else about eartips... The good folks at DUNU recently introduced me to the new Cp360 tips. They're a softer silicone that are also supposedly more hypoallergenic. They're nice tips, but unfortunately don't work for me on the Xelentos, because, for whatever reason, SpinFit decided to make the stems on the Cp360 a little shorter. When you've already got short stubby nozzles (i.e., Xelento) short tip stems can make getting a good fit more difficult. Hopefully one day SpinFit will make Cp100 tips in the same newer, softer silicone...

    Anyway, definitely try out all your SpinFits and Symbios - I suspect you'll have more luck with one of them than with the stock tips.
  6. RSC08
    Yeah, the stock tips are funky.. I'm with the stock silicone XL at the moment but I kinda turned them 90 degrees to get a better fit. I get an ok seal but nothing much. Spinfits and Symbios should arrive next week.
  7. ryanmatic
    I couldn't get a good seal with any sizes of the stock silicon tips either, but the Symbio Peels fit like a glove and sound absolutely fantastic :sunglasses:
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  8. holsen
    The driver flex on mine is so strong on both sides that the left sound consistently cuts out; literally producing no sound until i bang it around in my ear force the flex to pop again. It more than annoying on an $800 IEM - its design flaw
  9. holsen
    The Xelento Dongle is only aptxHD, and only 8 hours battery (likely closer to 6 in practice). I wrote to Beyerdynamic to see if it was avilable last week and they gave me an order for so I could pre order it. It's $250 USD. I have a BTR3 and the Fiio short cable which is a much better solution.
    LDAC sound awesome, but it also supports aptX HD if that's all your source will put out.
  10. JoshG1217
    Can you link the fiio short cable?
  11. holsen
    Here you go:
    1. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/329...lgo_pvid=7e03688a-f33c-41d7-925f-b0f2487c81b0
    2. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/329...8.0&pvid=a3de6d16-cb3a-47bb-8c84-d9bc64afc0b1
    I bought the first version and it shipped from Singapore and was delevered to door Canada in about a week. I may get another one.

    Infact I also got one of these extension cables so I could just leave the shorty plugged in and extend whenever I want to use my dap or desktop rig. https://www.ebay.com/itm/3-Pole-3-5...190&pg=2060778&_trksid=p2060778.c100290.m3507
  12. JoshG1217
    Have you compared to the Shure BTX2 by chance? I've heard that and the MEE. The Shure was the better of the two. The Westone one wouldn't connect to my headphones because of the way the plug sort of recessed the connector.
  13. holsen
    I literally just returned my RMCE BT2 a couple of days ago. I suspect I got a defective unit but the even with direct line of sight, 3 ft apart i got a lot of signal drop. When it worked, it sounded good and the MMCX connection to the P1s and the Xelentos was solid ... but i also only got 7 hours of battery (claimed 12). It was lightweight and comfortable but I now can say a Shanling UP2, Es100, or BTR3 with a short cable is less expensive and sound better.
  14. JoshG1217
    Good to know. Thanks. I've experimented with all those, and there's always a trade off. Most of my listening is gym (10-12 hours per week) and the extra flexibility is great, but plugged into my R6 sounds way better
  15. holsen
    And here we are, literally 55 Minutes after this post my unit has gone dead... Just wrote this to Beyerdynamics, I'll let you know how they reply:

    I’ve got way too much driver flex in my IEMS The flex and popping is in both sides but its so pronounced on the left that the sound on the left IEM frequently cuts out. At first I couldn’t tell it was because the MMCX connection is loose (which it is) or if it’s caused by the driver flex pressure with the ear, but to regain sound, I frequently had to wiggle the unit in the ear to force a “Pop” for sound to resume. It has gotten progressively worse…. Even as I write this, the left side has now completely cut out and I cant get any sound out of it; it just wont come back No Matter how many times I have removed and reinserted, the sound will not come back…. It’s dead. Please dont take it personally because we are just people communicating with each other, but this just isn’t acceptable from any IEM let alone an $800 flagship. The right side also has a lot of driver flex but the sound so far doesn’t cut out on me.

    This seems to be a known issue with lots of discussion on Head-Fi and other forums about this. please let me know what I need to do to request help / service / replacement. I live in Canada (close to the US Border) but bought them in the USA.
    Thanks. I’ll look forward to hearing from you… waiting in silence…
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