Beyerdynamic to launch new top headphone at IFA -- called T1
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While i respect that and i found differences in cables, i see no need as it is now but it might change in the future. The main reason is i dont want to be without my headphones for 2 weeks and sending them overseas doesn't sit well with me either. 
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I finally heard back from beyer about the replacement headbands.  It is a no go according to them.  You'd have to have a 2600 Serial number or higher for that or then you need to replace the whole deal part# 908053.
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Would a portable amp such as the SR-71a or JDS cMoy be unable to run the T1's adequately?

 I have tried them with the SR-71 and also SR-71b and they sound great.
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Didn't Beyer say that 32 ohm has the best phase fidelity and transient reponse?
Either way, the T1 and T5p don't sound alike IME.
Posted my review here -

Comparison between a 32 an 600 ohm headphone is difficult using the same amp due to impedance matching issues. Unless you use something like the WA22.Or Head One which has a switch for altering the output impedance. I was shocked to hear how different the eg the HD800 sounded with the hi and lo imp mode with the WA22.
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Quote: I am at past 100 hours. Things are definitely good. My main issue prior to burn in was that the highs seemed to lack a little very top-end extension. That issue has resolved - they don't have that feel anymore at all. And as an added bonus, the WHOLE treble seems smoother, and seems to have picked up more detail, while still being ultra-liquid and grain-free. I think the T1's treble is better overall than the DX1000, which while sweet and smooth is a little laid back, and also better than the HD800, which I felt was a bit too aggressive.

Bass is tight, punchy, and full. It never seems bloated to me due to the tightness, but there is for sure more bass punch than on the HD800. If you think the HD800 has the exact right amount of bass, then the T1 will be a little rich in the bass for you. But the T1 has less apparent bass than the JVC DX1000, so for many people, the T1 may be "just right" in the bass.

The mids - wow. What can I say. The degree of openness and transparency in the mids is astonishing. Best Beyer by FAR. On par with the HD800 in this regard, which I felt had the best mids of any headphone I had ever heard.

Soundstaging - here I will say I think it's the second best headphone I have ever heard. The imaging is broader, deeper, and better defined than any headphone I have heard except the HD800, which betters the T1 in this respect. The T1 is definitely better than the JVC DX1000 in this regard.

The T1 is somewhere between the DX1000 and HD800 sonically, and that is a very nice balance for me personally. Based on my experience so far, I think the T1 is a better sounding headphone than the DX1000, although it will not replace the DX1000 for me, since I must have a closed headphone in the application where I use my DX1000.

For someone who finds the HD800 just a touch too analytical, I think the T1 will be a good choice, as it will be for some one who thinks the HD800 could use a little more punch in the bass. For someone who values detail retrieval over all, or that thinks soundstaging is the most important performance criteria for a headphone, the HD800 is the better choice.

World class headphone performance from Beyer, of this there is no doubt. It is, of course, a slightly different flavor from the other world-class headphones I own or have owned/reviewed. And that's a VERY good thing - it's nice to have different choices.

2009 - what a year for headphones! The HD800, the T1, the Edition 8, the's high-end heaven, baby!

I was reading the T1 review on Headroom which provided a reference to your post in their page. Nice write-up on the comparison between the T1 and HD800.
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Check your dates.
You are asking someone a question to something they posted 2 1/2 years ago...

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