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Tesla T5p

A Review On: Beyerdynamic T5p

Beyerdynamic T5p

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Pros: Everything

Cons: Not very portable


This is still my favorite headphone, when something else impresses me beyond this then I'll upgrade.


When I compared this to my Audio Technica A2000X, the A2x sounded thin and delicate, the T5p had more life, it sounds alive, the T1 is smoky and refined, STAX has a different sound, transparent.


In fairness, I listened to the A2000X a little more, so perhaps the T5p sounds very impressive, but isn't as ethereal.


It has an "r type" sound, but the bass is extremely good quality, like the rest of the frequencies.


I've heard people say it's overpriced... is it really?  If it's my favorite headphone ever so far, and sounds significantly above and detached from the DT770/DT880/DT990 series, then the price is fine.


The smell of real leather on the headband and earpads is very nice, like an expensive black leather couch.


At the end of the day, I prefer speakers and IEM's to headphones, so I'm not an avid critic, but the T5p can make me listen to music and albums I'd never touch with cheaper gear, so it serves my music fuel very well in that sense.


Mine has scratches on it, so I may as well start using it outside now, but it doesn't look very sleek, and I'm a bit concerned what will happen if it starts raining


The first time I auditioned the T5p, I also listened to -


Audio Technica W5000

Audio Technica W1000X

Sennheiser HD800

Ultrasone Edition 10

Ultrasone Edition 8

LCD-2 (revision 2)


In that audition, the only one I'd consider is LCD-2.


I think I'd enjoy metal music more with the Grado SR325, and violin and trance music slightly more with the A2000X.


I think the vital question here though, is... which is better, the Tesla T1 or the Tesla T5p?



I really enjoy/love the T5p, but I think I just want to sell this and pick up a new speaker or custom IEM, call that my individual preference and continual curiosity. - I really don't think I'd sell this and get the T1.


I suppose what the T5p has really done to me, is not make me impressed by how good it sounds, rather I'm just so acclimatized to it now, that all other full-size headphones (like the DT770 / DT880 / DT990) sound completely useless to me.


It has an immense depth to the sound, it's the most alive sound you'll ever hear, I am pretty sure this is the driver technology.


The bass sounds like a sub-woofer (on low volume), if you can imagine that, not like the typical air-moving bass, you sense it more than you hear/feel it.  If you touch the outer cups lightly, the bass will pulse into your fingers, just like a sub-woofer pulses into your feet.


The mids are the highlight here, the natural sound is very good, it sounds like quicksilver / mercury, not quite liquid and not quite air (yes, liquid metal, whatever)


The highs are extended and very nice, like fresh summer, and dark winter at the same time.


I can't hear any specific resonance to speak of.


The drivers are very angled and sensitive to the distance to your ear, so moving the headphone around changes the projectile of the sound i.e. layering effect and the frequency response.  The Sony SA-5000 has angled drivers too, but I can't recall that effect right now.


It's possible this headphone isn't clear as glass transparent, it could have unnatural overtones or whatever.


It has a somewhat fixed sound.  It has a "T5p-ness" to it, irrelevant of source.  I usually imagine music (the electrical signal) as pure white, and then headphones individually colour the signal to differing extents, which is what I call source-transparency, or lack thereof.


I don't consider it to score high in source-transparency, however it will shine with amplification (my stereo receiver is fine) and it's slightly synergistic, however only one third of the A2x in that respect.


I may extend the review one day to cover synergy one day.


The OPA6271 sounds very good with the T5p, they intertwine nicely giving a sense of completion to the sound, lacking in neither X nor Y, however not exactly an uplifting sound, more like a dark misty night.


If you want further reading, I'd recommend this review - http://www.avguide.com/review/beyerdynamic-t5p-headphones-playback-38


As the introduction states "The Beyerdynamic T5p is certainly not a sonic clone of their T1".


That's correct, I should note it's not a closed-back T1 with lesser performance (as per 600 versus 32 ohm).


I don't think higher ohms indiciate higher performance in my experience, that's just Beyer's advertising in DT series, which may hold true there for some reason, but 16 and 32 ohms usually have a cleaner and less filtered sound in IEM's compared to when I increase them to ~100 with the Etymotic cable, however in some cases (such as the ER-4) the extra resistance seems to improve the FR, imaging and tone.


If the T5p is actually the T1 with less resistance and less ventilation and that's it, I really don't care, the T5p sounds extremely nice.

Remember the part of the review where I called the T5p quicksilver, in that respect the T1 sounded like



I'd like to extend the review to include synergy but I don't like sitting at home listening to music all day so I think I'll just sell it now in light of my IEM passion and their versatility to use anywhere.



Colour:  Very dark, with overtones of violet.


Season:  Winter, with stark sunlight and clear transparent blue water.


Character:  Natural, extreme depth, liquid metal, slightly volatile.



Looks:  6/10 (not a fashion icon)


Technology: 10/11



Thanks for reading and enjoy this headphone if you ever have the chance to hear it!



© kiteki


Have you given these a whirl as a proper portable can going outside with these? :)
Lol, nah, I've never used them outside. Maybe I'll go to the park with them tomorrow, see what it feels like. I've been waiting to use them on a plane trip, but the price of them and magnetic flux is a bit scary - http://cdn.head-fi.org/7/7c/7c603f18_DSC02444.jpeg
I really like your descriptions of these. I own them as my primary can for all-around (I'm a student and can't afford owning several high end cans) so I actively bring them out with me. People don't even know the value in them which is perfectly fine by me. I think the main point is they can be used with just about any source (though do much better from higher quality sources) and have very nice comfort and isolation. I love that they can be both a primary home can and portable at the same time, unlike the T1 or other high end cans (HD800, LCD2, etc) which can only really be used at home (though you see someone bringing these cans out every once in a while). I find they respond very well to EQing, which I use to boost the bass a bit. They have a very nice all-around sound. Even if it's not the strongest bass, they have sufficient impact so even listening to some electronic music every now and then is fine.
Violet overtones? Hmmm... Never heard the T5p, but if I'd characterize the T1, it'd have undertones of orange...
Thanks for your supportive comment.
I only use these at home. The portability and easy to drive are extra features, which increases their value.
isthat a foto of the t5p magnet causing distortion of the image on the tv?? wow
LOL that's exactly what it is, and my Sony MDR-V6 did nada... http://imgur.com/V1wpH
hey, thats my fav tv program.... :P
Kiteki, its always fresh summer reading your prose, yes the T5p can tunnel thru the depths of the stage,
no pedal shifts on the grandpiano can escape this can.
Yes and that subwooferbass, palpable in a sense. :P
The T5p is an excellent headphone and worthy of the title "King Portable".
its a portable in the sense of being throw behind the seats of an audi....german sense of portability...:P
i missed the tunneling deep searching ability of this can...u can hear foreverrrrr INTO.
That TV image spooked me ...somewhat.
Both T5P and Edition 8 are quite OK as portable phones. I use the latter much more (T5P has developed an annoying defect - one channel comes and goes as the cable is bent ~2 cm (<one inch for those who stick to imperial units) from the plug) plugged in Tera Player (yes, it's all aboutMade in Germany, - but as my salary is paid by EU taxpayers, I figure the more I spend on European goods, the more chances I have to get my next salary). It is a perfect portable setup, - in a predictable environment: for traveling I go for DT1350 and Sansa Fuze. But I always miss my Edition 8 on those occasions.

Indeed people do not know the value of upmarket cans, - up to now I have not spoken to a single person who does. If you dont have Monster Beats, it must be cheaper. Even if Edition 8 Ltd is unmistakably posh ;-).The same goes for the funkyTera Player. No objections about *.wav files, - most interlocutors don't know the difference. First question - why not an iPod? No display??? - must be crap.
Quite a few people refuse to accept that subjective sound experience can be strikingly different. In this context the spec sheet addicts are a major step up (and a beneficial phenomenon indeed, - w/o a firm technical reference we will get snake oil even more often).
As for the exposure to the elements, those cans are well made, they've got good warranties, and I've got some umbrellas; finally nothing lasts forever.
And, while we are at it, - we don't last forever. Therefore I figure we can just as well use 2k portable setups for the short time when we linger here, as long as we hear the difference. Or while we imagine it ;-)))
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