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Beyerdynamic DT880 = Wow!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nelamvr6, Jul 16, 2007.
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  1. stv014
    Probably not, but it normally should not cost $100 more. You could find it for less than $350, but you may need to wait for the price to drop. Is the cheaper one the Pro version ?
    The O2 would be fine for either, unless you want an amplifier with some specific colored sound. But if you are sensitive to treble, you may also consider the HD600 ($350-$400) instead with the O2.
  2. bob439
    thanks. I guess the premium 250 ohm is $ 250 , the pro version is $ 279. Like you said I'd wait and see for better deal.
    that leads me to premium vs pro ? can you compare pro and premium on comfort & SQ.
  3. kcodyjr
    Just got my first good cans (Bose and Koss don't count).
    Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro, and yes I like the extra clamping force. I'm driving it directly from a Roland HP1000s digital piano, circa 1987 or so. This thing has line voltage coming in the back, not a wall wart, and clearly has plenty of power to drive a pair of 250 ohm transducers.
    Transparency, defined: when your scalp forgets the soft velvety touch of the pads, and your ear is utterly convinced it's hearing the sounds of an acoustic instrument propagating through air.
    Now to find a decent desktop amp for listening to tunes. I'm convinced the only reason a 600 ohm headphone should sound any different than an otherwise identical 250, is the output impedance of the amplifier, so it's got to be a solid state directly coupled output to achieve as near zero output impedance as possible. Ideas?
    Also, tangentially related, the cabling. Does anyone know offhand how the stock cable is constructed, twisted pair or coax? The coil is a little annoying, but if it's a coaxial line, it amounts to a capacitor shorted across the terminals, and is therefore acting to limit high frequency response. These cans are ideally bright as they stand, so I wouldn't want to screw that up. Anyone gone down that road personally?
  4. bob439
    I too placed an order for DT880 600 ohm, my first hi-fi cans.
    To give a measure of what I'm talking, the only cans I ever used were Senn HD428.
    I'm waiting to be WOWed soon with the right Amp/DAC setup and DT 880s.
  5. Andrew_WOT

    Grats, they are well worth extra. I owned 250 and 600 Ohm version, 600 Ohm has less harsh treble and more even response esp in mids, still a bit recessed there to my liking but not nearly as bad as 250 Ohm version.
  6. pp312
    Interesting comments here, somewhat related. I currently own the DT880 Pro and don't find the treble harsh in any way, even on classical music. Nor the midrange recessed, to be honest. (The soundstage is not as close as with some other phones, but that's a separate issue). I still have grave doubts that there's any real subjective difference between the 250 and 600 ohm models other than that imparted by the amplifier.
    "I'd say hearing the differences between the two higher impedance cans was more likely a placebo effect thing. The 32ohm can was pretty obviously worse sounding." --Tyll Hertsen, DT880 reviews.
  7. Andrew_WOT

    Sure, after you quoted the "God" it all falls in place.[​IMG]
  8. pp312
    You mean kcodyjr I presume.
  9. Andrew_WOT

    Have a Happy New Year! [​IMG]
  10. xutantuo
    Congrats on your DT880!
    The only thing I can complain about them is the vocals...
  11. pp312
    And why would you do that?
  12. bob439
    My first experience with DT 880 600 ohm is mind blowing.
    I was listening to Lost for words by Pink Floyd and I'm indeed lost for words.
    Eager to rediscover my collection.
    Amazing stuff!!
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