Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250ohm Impressions Thread
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Ha! My ocd was going strong last year but has since wained :wink: I bought 8 80ohm frm amazon and returned em all amd on the 5th 250 i got my faves. I have tourettes tho so thats my excuse :)- All of them did sound slightly diff
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  80-ohm and 250-ohm crowds can't get along and 250-ohm fans have seceded from the main thread?
Come on, people.
Was the original thread always titled after the 80-ohm version?
What have you folks done?

I figured the sound is so different than the 80 ohm version that. They should have their own thread IMO.
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Here is another pic of my 770's

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Congrats! Yeah these are awesome headphones. Very balanced and IMO better than a lot more pricier headphones.
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Yeah give it a shot. It is like the 880's, they have a felt pad on top of the driver IMO its too much on the 880's and makes them sound a little muddy. But try different number of sheets. I have three pieces and it made mine sound awesome.
What's cool is that these are more affordable and you can tune them just how you like.
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I'm glad you like it. I do think it helps if you find them a little bright.

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