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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. ls13coco
    Now that I have had the 1990s for a week, I'm back on to comparisons with the Elex.
    I do like these headphones, started with the default B pads for the first few days, then switched to the A pads and the sound was more of what I expected with them.
    My two other latest cans are the LCD2c and 6xx, which both left me overall more happy with my purchases and it is seemingly attributes to a fair extent that this is because of the 1990 having more recessed mids?
    This of course is because they are more flat overall I believe, but the LCD2c has been my go-to for enjoyment lately, and I am considering returning the 1990 to go for the very dynamic.. of the dynamic HPs, the Elex lol!
    Great headphone, but I guess with my collection now I am able to better understand my tastes.

    Also, it is true that the 1990 isn't the best for gaming (shooters at least) in comparison to some HP's more known to be good for gaming, by those I mean the X2 and K712. Sound reproduction is fully there, just not the imaging and soundstage to give that immersion and advantage but I did know that going into this purchase, just thought I'd give my $0.02 after a few years with the X2 and K712.

    Would love to hear more thoughts and comparisons between these and the Elex while I contemplate this "exchange", or even if the 200hr (or was it 150hr?) burn-in for the 1990 does make a difference! (Probably 6-7hr use here)
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  2. Trunks159
    Nice impressions. I mean, I prefer the Elex too, so I can't really convince you to keep the DT1990s.
    Even if the Elex is better, DT1990's strings are too addictive to let go of for me. I also love the bass coming from the DT1990s a little bit more.
  3. ls13coco
    That is fair, I also was informed today that the 1990 is great with live recordings, but I rarely listen to live recordings.
    Tonight I will though, and try them with my LD.. then, when I'm up to the task again, try rolling the pads some more. (Getting the second A pads on took a good 15 minutes, while the first pad went on within 2!)

    I might even hold off on the Elex if I send the 1990s back. The Arya is the last HP that's really on my list other than these, and it's a bit out of my price range. The money back from the 1990 would mean it wouldn't sting quite so much, hopefully not til a sale though.

    Reason I'm kind of leaning this route now, I have been reading today that the Arya kind of does "everything" better than the Elex, and it was already on my list. Reviews on the Arya are few though, so tough to say how that comparison holds up over more pairs of ears!
  4. 329161
    Check this comparison out. Keep in mind the reviewer really likes the 1990 and may be biased....
  5. WildStyle-R11
    Not a lot of people say this to be fair, I found the 1990 and 990 to be exactly same when it comes to gaming and that is not that great, yet people swear by 990 for gaming... My best gaming headphones so far has been 660 and to be fair LCD2C does a pretty damn good job, more for immersion that pinpoint accuracy, but still good.
  6. ls13coco
    Interesting to hear, I always read about the 990 being a top choice for gaming.. glad I never went that route, would have been disappointed if I bought them for that intention.

    I agree about the 2c, they aren't my first choice for playing competitively in anyway, but the immersion with the soundstage and bass oomph have made them my choice for finally finishing Outlast 2.

    Sending back the 1990s today and putting money aside waiting for a price drop on the Arya.
    The DT1990s are great but it's apparent that I've found my preferences in sound, and to my likes, this isn't in my preference.
    I do not recommend listening to Soundgarden with them.. "SSsss"
  7. DrpsDrpr
    Granted I’m no e-sports level competitive gamer, but I’ve not found the 1990s to be anywhere near less than adequate for the gaming I do, much of which requires directional sound cues like in 3rd person character action games. However, I’ve also recently noticed since picking up a Liquid Platinum that it presents directional imaging, in games specifically, vastly different than my JDS El amp. The LP is a far more natural kind of soundstage where everything blends seamlessly as one circular image, whereas the El amp pushes highlighted sounds into very apparent clusters. So amp/dac pairing could be a consideration there as well. The 1990 almost certainly shouldn’t be your end-all gaming headphone, though, as convenient and good as I find it in most cases.
  8. WHO23
    Hey bud, sorry to hear that you sent back the DT1990. I myself havn't touched the Elex & DT1990 for a month now since I've upgraded to the Audio-Technica ADX5000. How are you liking the Ether Flows?
  9. ls13coco
    Yeah I'm feeling almost a preference to planar magnetics overall, the headphones on my want list still are once again planar.
    I haven't yet heard them, they only came with a balanced cable and I was lucky enough to get in a pre-order of the THX 789 but that's not expected to ship til May. Out of impatience, I bought one of the only adapters I could find of female 4-pin XLR to male 1/4 and that is expected Wednesday, so I should be able to try them out very soon. :)

    How are you liking the ADX5000? AT has always been a brand I've had interest in, but I have never heard a HP by them and that 5000 hasn't had the most reviews to my knowledge but the ones I've read were quite good, comparing to the HD 800 and such.
  10. WHO23
    I would say ADX5000 has the best vocals from dynamic driver headphones I have heard. The timbre just sounds right and vocals sound like they are right in front of you and singing directly to you. Unfortunately its really poor sounding for fast songs such as EDM so if you get the ADX5000, you still need another TOTL headphone to switch to for non acoustic and vocal genres.

    The ADX5000 makes you feel like you’re in a small jazz hall with the singer right in front of you. The HD800S makes you feel like you’re in an orchestral hall with voices and instruments surrounding you. The DT1990 makes you feel like you’re in an small acoustic treated recording studio and you listening to studio monitors. The ZMF Auteur makes you feel like you’re on the 6th row on a live show and the two guitarists and drums are flanking the singer. The Elex makes you feel like you’re hearing everything from awesome speakers in a small room.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2019
  11. Blinxat
    I have the same problem with the DT 1990 like I had with the DT 1770, it has horribly overpowered low mids. Some male vocalists sound like they talk from their chest into their hands. It is slightly better with the A pads, but not by much.
  12. Eiffel
    Probably it doesn't pair well with your DAC/AMP.
    I have no problem with A pads.
    B pads have a quite muddy bass for me.
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  13. megabigeye
    I'm wondering what sort of amp you're using? What you're describing sounds like what might happen if you're using an amp with very high output impedance, like on a receiver. Normally that sort of thing effects low impedance 'phones, but if the amp's output impedance is high enough it could effect the Beyers, too.
  14. Blinxat
    I use the Sabaj D4, it happens on all settings, the AKM dac inside has several sound modes. "acoustic sound" acoustic tone" "traditional sound" "traditional tone". None of those really color the low mids on any other headphone.

    It has the same problem on Realtek onboard audio. Or the phone with a small analogue amp.

    maybe it has to do with my specific ear canals or geometry? I don't know.

    The DT1770 measurements show a notch at 250hz, I believe that is Beyer trying to fix it, but it is not good enough.

    the DT1990 does not have that notch, but it is open, it measures more flat. But I don't hear it that way.

    I think RTINGS said something about muddyness in that range, and metal571 only mentions a slight emphasis.

    Or maybe it is because I have listened to various audio-technica headphones for so long, that often make the 200-500hz range a little thinner.

    But if I listen to someone I know in real life, or youtube video of people talking that I have a "mental average" across headphones of how they sound, I still think the low mids a bloated, too chesty, and the person appears like he is talking into cupped hands. When someone says OOOOH it just sounds like a resonance for me, too thick and cuppy.

    First 10 minutes, it just sounded like rich and full to me, but the longer I listen the more I think it is a flaw.

    I think the best part is the air treble resolution. But otherwise I am not impressed.

    Another odd thing is that I can make it sound much better by covering part of the silver vents with my hands, making the headphone more closed.

    The old DT 770 sounds like the opposite to me, it is lacking a little body, but in correcting that in the DT1xxx series I think Beyerdynamic overshot trying to make that more rounded.
  15. Eiffel
    RTINGs has measured them with B pads.
    B pads are also slight muddy for me.

    On-board audio or phones are not so good.
    But I think Da4 should sound ok.
    I have a Da2 - with ESS 9018 and sound very good for me.

    You're the only one I hear complaining about this - some complains about the peak in the 8-10kHz frequency - this can be quite annoying on some DAC with some songs.
    It's possible to be related to your habits with AT. I never liked their headphones.
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