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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. Blinxat

    I put this dip in it, and now it sounds much more natural to me. (that is with B pads though)
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  2. Hay2104
    Disclaimer: New to Head Fi, but I felt compelled to make an account and give my option about the Dt 1990 with the B Pads.

    The Bass has the right amount and weight. More present than my Hd 600.

    I really can’t describe mids well enough, I’m very used to Hd 600 mids, but they sounded fairly similar.

    But the real reason I’m here is to describe the highs. They are incredibly bright. So much so that I loved them at first. Then the pain started setting in. And I started to heart the sibilance.

    In my opinion, the dt 1990 are perfect for people who love treble. I guess I’m not one of them.
  3. Eiffel
    It depends also on the DAC/Player.
    I had treble issue only on one device from 6.
  4. Hay2104
    I can agree with that.

    I did try it off an amp and a portable dap.

    Maybe I should have tried a tube amp.
  5. wordfool
    Funny, that sorta summarize my experience with them. I used to love the Beyer sound, especially the highs that seemed to give music some added sparkle and air. After a year or two, however, I grew a bit tired of the high-frequency energy. It didn't hurt my ears in the way is apparently does for some people, but where I once heard revealing clarity and sparkle I instead started to hear just a bit too much sparkle and excitement. I longed for a bit more overall balance and mellowness.

    I auditioned the DT1990 and DT1770 and they were definitely an upgrade to my beloved DT990 (and made me realize just how recessed the mids of the 990 are). Ended up with the 1770s because I needed closed headphones, but ended up selling them six months later because I almost felt I was "monitoring" my music more than I wanted to, not just letting it be and enjoying it. As studio monitors, the 1990 and 1770 are obviously very good headphones, but they just felt a bit too clinical for me.
  6. Hay2104
    I had the two year experience over the course of 2 weeks. I really tried to like them. The 1990s are gorgeous headphones, their box even more. But that treble energy and presence that peaked every few seconds bothered me.

    I ended up returning them pretty soon after. I never appreciated my hd 600 more than when I had the 1990.

    And now I might be going into a similar situation, with the Elex. I keep hearing contradictions between “silky smooth non fatiguing treble” all the way to “sounds just like the 1990 treble peaks at 5k, painful and fatiguing.”
  7. wordfool
    I've not heard the Elex, but have heard a bunch of other Focal headphones and while they don't have quite the upper-end presence of Beyers I still consider them to be a family of headphones with a pretty high-energy sound signature. Of all the Focals I've listened to, the Clears seemed the most pleasant -- very "clear", detailed and non-peaky sound (shame about their dirt-magnet colorway). I was not a fan of the Utopias -- far too in-your-face.
  8. Scutey
    The 1990's sound fantastic with a decent tube amp, a good tube amp will smooth the highs enough, whilst keeping good air/detail.
  9. Deaj
    I get along well with Beyerdynamic headphones, generally speaking. I'm not treble sensitive so the 'beyer treble spike' works fine for me. There are some beyers that do not work for me (the T90 comes to mind) as the treble is just too much IMO - the FR is way out of balance. I've not yet heard the T1 (either version) but by most descriptions they don't really pique my interest.

    The DT 1990 Pro has worked very well for me (balanced pads - I have a custom Grado build that covers the same sonic ground as the 1990's analytical pads). The 1990 with balanced pads is, for me, a fun listen. I really like 1990's energetic sound. My toes do a lot of tapping when I'm listening to the 1990. The is headphone sounds like the spiritual successor to the 600 ohm DT 880 Premium (my favorite beyer before the 1990 arrived), and a much improved successor at that.

    I have two other Beyerdynamic headphones: a 250 ohm DT250, and an Amiron Home.

    The Amiron is a perfect counterbalance to the 1990. It's relaxed, laid back sound makes for a very different listening experience. It's perfect for movies, an excellent choice for gaming, and an amazing choice for music when I'm in a relaxed state of mind. This is a recent acquisition, and I can't see myself letting it go.

    The DT250 is my only closed back headphone, and it's the only closed back headphone that I truly enjoy. It just does everything right. There are no standout traits IMO, because every trait seems to be in balance with the rest. It's neither exciting or relaxed - it's just... right. This said I find myself surprised at just how much I enjoy the DT250 whenever I've not reached for then for a while.

    These three headphones cover so much ground, each from a different approach.
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  10. kman1211
    Same here Beyers just work right to me as well. Some Beyers are a bit bright for me too. I've heard both T1's. I personally like the T1.2 more than the DT 1990 whereas I like the Amiron Home more than either as I do a lot of gaming, etc. and the Amiron Home suits my needs the most of the three. I have heard good things about the DT 250 but never heard one, I've owned the DT 150 and found it a great headphone, though the best closed-back and honestly Beyer period I've heard is my modded DT 480 which sounds better than the T1.2, DT 1990, and Amiron Home, closed vs open is irrelevant with this headphone. It's clarity, imaging, speed, and vocal enunciation is a just a different level. It's like you just reveal another layer of music I just never got with anything else I owned but it's never fatiguing or sounds wrong.

    The Amiron Home honestly sounds like something in-between the DT 1990 and the HD 600/650. It's not as mellow as the Senns(the HD 600/650 can be a bit depressing to listen to at times due to their mellowness) but it's definitely not as energetic or punchy as the DT 1990.

    I personally own the DT 480 - 25 Ohm, DT 1990 Pro, and Amiron Home right now. I had a T1.2 but as much as I like it, I found it's headband uncomfortable(it pressed uncomfortably on the sides of my head) and I like the Amiron Home more despite the T1.2 being more resolving and refined.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
  11. lugnut
    Here is a $100 tube hybrid that really sounds great with my Beyer Amiron Home which has the same impedance as the dt 1990. Well worth trying as amazon has a liberal return policy if it does not work out.

    Just read that you sent them back, sorry they did not work for you. If you get a chance try the Amiron !
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
  12. George Taylor
    You sound like me including your opinion on the T90. That thing was ear piercing for me as well. I have a LCD2 that fills the place of your Amiron for me, in pretty much the same way. I also still have my trusty 80ohm DT770 that I'm actually using as I type this. The only thing I would change is I wish the 1990 clamped more like the 770. The 1990 is a little tight for my wide head it seems. I've tried letting it set on one of my desk speakers in the hope it would loosen up a hair, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything noticeable. But it is a minor issue really. They still offer my favorite sound signature to date.
  13. Slim1970
    I have DT-1990's and I just got the black version of the T1.2’s. The T1.2’s are more refined and smoother sounding. Then also scale better with higher end equipment. The DT-1990 reaches its peak with mid level gear but performs and sound great. I love it’s midrange energy for metal. It’s competes with Grados as the best headphones for rock and metal that I’ve heard.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
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  14. kman1211
    That's pretty much my impressions of the T1.2 Black edition compared to the DT 1990 Pro as well. I found the Amiron Home to scale better with gear than the DT 1990, but not quite to the degree the T1.2 does. Agree about the midrange energy on the DT 1990.
  15. Triodemode
    Could not agree more scutey... Also for solid state, the Violectric V200 balances them out perfectly IMO. Once hearing all the dynamics and detail of the DT-1990 pro, it's a boring listen going back to my HD650s.
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