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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. drummerdimitri
    I just opened the earcup, removed the driver, replaced the original connector with a 4 pin mini xlr, did the correct re-wiring and built a 4 pin balanced cable. Not a difficult mod will try to post a tutorial when I get the time.
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  2. ls13coco
    Would very much appreciate that, these headphones are being delivered to me today!
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  3. unmaker
  4. Mikis76
    Here is my two cents....I have used the 1990:s in gaiming mainly (Battlefield 1 and V) and now there is this Elex this and Elex that....Am I missing something? BTW I just found a perfect album (guitars are REALLY good with 1990) that matches the headphones: Audioslave Audioslave (?)...still about 200 albums to hear in my inventory (I´m just a beginner here) but the Audioslave really shines trough my modest gear ( Creative X7 LE with Burson V6 Vivids)...Do You guys have experience what additional foam "pads" to buy from eBay to "kill" the highs on 1990 just a little bit? This would make wonders with the analytical pads...Thank You in advance!

    Edit: I just ordered these, at least those seemed quite transparent in the picture...
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  5. imran27
    Which earpads were you listening to after the mod? A or B?
  6. margroth
    I did converted them to balanced (4-pin mini XLR to 2.5mm) and found the soundstage to open up quite nicely. However, it somehow makes the high frequencies more problematic though...
  7. imran27
    A-pads or B-pads?
  8. margroth
    A-pad, since I did not like B-pad that much :D
  9. drummerdimitri
    I always used the Analytical pads as they are the best sounding ones. It sounds like it can resonate freely with those.
  10. drummerdimitri
    I haven't found the highs to be an issue as they aren't any harsher than before the mod.
  11. margroth
    Yeah, I think it was partly to my usage of an aftermarket SPC cable as well :D
  12. Eiffel
    I've bought the 1990 about 2 months ago and I tested it on all my DAC's and players. I didn't found the highs to be disturbing on them, except one case - Burson Conductor Air, and only with some audio tracks. It uses V5i - the sound has a relative V shape form. V6 Vivids sounds the same ( just a lot better ). So I believe this could be a reason.
    On other devices, like FiiO X5II, FiiO M3, Topping D10 ( on the line output !! ), Sabaj Da2 or Burson Play ( with V6 Classic in I/V and Vivid in buffer and gain ), even on my phone, I had no trouble with the highs with same tracks. I didn't tested them with V6 Vivid in I/V in the Play but I suspect I might have the issue due to V shape sound.
    However I found a trick on the internet - to fold in 2 some napkin or toilet paper and put in front of the driver. Seems to have some results. You may try it and see what happens.
    Also if you have a parametric equalizer you can try to put a 6-10dB attenuation at 8.3kHz.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
  13. Mikis76
    Hello Eiffel, and thank You for Your answer; You are the first one to answer to my post(s) where I actually ask something :beerchug:
    I just have burnt in the Bursons so I was thinking to test the 1990:s with the stock X7 opamps compared to the Vivids; we´ll see....I use the 1990:s mainly for gaming so the highs are not that big a deal because the the highs are not consistent...But I definitely will try to control the highs few db some other way than EQ....
  14. Eiffel
    I hope you find a solution.
    However you should consider that if DT1990 are great for music they are not so great for games.
  15. Mikis76
    I´m pleased that this is my "greatest problem", I`ll manage it somehow...I just listened the Beyer 990 PRO:s with music (my Battlefield -friend uses them in gaming) and found out that they are a tad "dull" and even less spacious....so 1990:s before that. What pisses me off is that he is much more better in gaming than me :ksc75smile:
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