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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. kman1211
    Same I could never get on with HD 650 either, I like it for a bit then grow to dislike it, it’s missing something. I got along with the HD 600 and HD 660 S better in terms of Senns. The DT 1990 reminded me a lot of a more enjoyable HD 600.
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  2. neo_styles
    Figured I could start writing this as sticker shock is slowly setting in...

    I've been trying to kick myself in the rear and spend more time producing music. Since this is also my birthday month, I came up with the idea to order a pair of 1990 as an incentive to follow through. Sweetwater had a demo pair that I put on order and should receive them Friday, so I now find myself in that phase of uncomfortable anticipation where I'm trying to set world records on how many times I can hit Refresh on my shipping notifications.

    For those who produce/master out there: would it benefit me to run a gamut of stuff similar to what I'd be producing through these to learn how they translate? I want these to be a dedicated pair for production and they'll get powered by a Topping A30 > Magni 3 on the Ableton rig, but can bring either a Fulla 2, E12a, or Total Airhead to work since that's where I have the most free time for listening if it'll benefit me at all. I just have worries that I'll overcompensate a little too much if I'm not used to the 1990's signature and don't have much experience with using monitors (I include studio cans in that description) aside from a pair of Senn HD280 Pro that I've since given to my son since he gets more enjoyment out of them than I did.
  3. neo_styles
    Finally got them in today. I'm all smiles. By and large the most neutral and honest pair of cans in the collection now. They really sing when plugged into the D30/Magni 3 (even if a little power hungry), but surprisingly coherent even when going straight from the HO of my OnePlus 6.

    The real AHA moment was when listening to Alter Bridge's Blackbird. The whole album just sounds...off...on my other pairs, but is absolutely beautiful on the 1990.

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  4. oldmate
    Enjoy. I did not like mine at 1st but changing my source and amp soon fixed that.
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  5. LiranV
    What did you use before and after?
  6. oldmate
    I was using an oppo HA-2 which is a great amp/dac but slightly underpowered and accentuated the in your face sound signature of the 1990.

    I am now using a Peachtree Dac itX with a hybrid tube amp - the elemental watson. Mellowed the sound signature a little but I will be going full OTL Tube amp next which will get me to where I need to be with these.
  7. paul2qute
    I've been reading loads of reviews on the dt 1990 I so want a pair, not sure if the 1770 is any better or worse to my tastes
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  8. neo_styles
    I have less than zero experience with the 1770, but have been extremely happy with the 1990 so far. Had to put in my KZ AS10 today for commuting to work and immediately missed the sound signature of the 1990. I did order a shorter cable for it to use on the go when I felt brave enough, though.
  9. paul2qute
    I've never really liked beyerdynamic headphones, first pair I bought years ago I did but then I listened to the T70 through my hugo and hated it but I'm so drawn to the Dt 1990,I read somewhere that someone had an Aeon closed and swore planer headphones was the only way to go but they got the Dt 1990 and was blown away,I say this because I own the Aeon open flow
  10. neo_styles
    I lusted pretty heavily after the Aeon and was blown away by my demos of the Ether Flow (both open and closed), so I understand where your'e coming from. There's just something unapologetically natural about the sound sig on the 1990.

    Keep in mind I bought these to use for music production, though, so there's a utility I needed out of these. If that weren't the case, I would have just held on a little longer and ordered the AFC myself.
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  11. paul2qute
    So you wouldn't recommend the Dt 1990 just to listen to music?
  12. neo_styles
    It depends on what you primarily listen to and what sort of sound signature you're after. If it's mostly live stuff or material that's well-recorded in a studio, then I'd say yes. I find the timbre of guitars on the DT1990 to be pretty addictive, for example, but can't say I get the same enjoyment out of Hip-Hop or stuff that relies more heavily on synthesized music. They're a brutally honest pair of open-backs, so I'd lean more towards saying there's options out there that would be better suited purely for listening...unless you want something that's extremely clinical.

    Granted, this is just my opinion, but I'd rather explain how I feel than try to sell everybody out there on the 1990. They're great, but I wouldn't say they're going to work universally well.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2018
  13. kman1211
    It depends on what you amp them with and what pads you use. The analytical pads are definitely on the clinical side, with the balanced pads and on the right system I found they paired quite well with most any sort of music.
  14. paul2qute
    I'm buying the Ether 2 but wanted a small purchase before the biggie.Might come across weird here but I hide my headphones from the Mrs
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2018
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  15. paul2qute
    I would be using the Dt 1990 with the hugo TT 2, massive power...IRON VICE GRIP!!Don't know why they wouldn't offer a 600 ohm version
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2018
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