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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. kelly200269
    I think there's plenty of love on this forum for the 1990's. They really are great cans!
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  2. richie60
    Definitely worth trying the HD600. It's great with the Crack but the DT1990 is better! DT1990 has more drive and deeper bass which is great for rock/pop whereas the HD600 shines with acoustic/folk for me.

    HD 600 can sometimes seem a little congested with certain styles of music, that's why I went for the DT1990 and I have no regrets doing so.
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  3. natalieann
    After all these years, I can honestly say these are my end game headphones. These are, IMO, the perfect sounding headphone.
  4. Scutey
    As a Beyer fan I don't get it either, I guess they are just not as popular as say Sennheiser, maybe it's because they have a (unfair in my opinion) perceived treble spike, which puts people off, about six months ago I bought a pair of brand new Massdrop Sennheiser HD 6XX, they were ok but not as good as the 1990, anyway, I sold them a month later on eBay as lightly used and sold them for more than I paid new!, that wouldn't happen with Beyers.
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  5. Hyp0xia
    They said I was crazy when I said the same thing, but here I am two years later and still agree with you 100%. The only thing I might like as much but cannot say for certain since I've only spent a brief time with it was the ZMF Auteur, but that's $1K+ on top of the price of the DT 1990 Pro, heavy, and all the different options can lead to choice paralysis. The DT 1990 Pro is the headphone that made me stop even entertaining the thought of spending more than $600 on a headphone since it far outclasses headphones in my collection that cost over twice as much.
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  6. kelly200269
    Yes, the 1990's are the perfect all-rounders IMO. There are better cans out there, but to realise any massive improvements, you have to spend a whole lot more, and other more expensive cans aren't as versatile as the Beyers. I really do think that Beyer hit gold with the 1990's.
  7. lrsdrn
    I had a pair of T90s before I swapped them for a pair of DT1990 (something to do with very strongly emphasized highs when listening to pop songs), and I do feel that generation of Tesla drivers did a better job of capturing the depth and nuance of a full orchestra. They definitely got closer to 'the real deal'. With my DT1990 (which I love), it sounds a bit like each instrument is played from a separate speaker, all of which are standing on a straight line.
  8. Hanga
    I have had my DT 1990's for a week now and I am quite happy.

    The biggest difference is without a doubt the build quality. So pretty and solid. They sound a lot like my old DT 990's but with the balanced pads the bass is better and deeper, which goes very well with EDM. They retain the amazing detail, imaging and airy sound that the DT 990 does so well, and just adds a bit to it. Also the vocals (mids) are more noticeable. If I should find a fault I was expecting a bit more soundstage.

    I have not tried the analytical pads but why would I when I love the bass of the balanced pads.
  9. richie60
    Same here. Not tried the analytical pads yet, happy as they are for now...
  10. jarnauga
    I will be clear here. I sold my first pair. I regret it a little bit. It did some bits great (really really great) but other sound features/signature were not up to the task I want them for.
    After a good thought I did something I never do: I bought a second new pair, just few weeks after the first one (sn 15XXX versus sn 21XXX, £500 versus £385) . Only one hour listening, same tracks, some new bits, same set up, volume level, sound pressure, playback systems, etc.
    I wrote to the online shop afterwards and they accepted my unit back and I asked for a full refund.

    The second unit (now with a big discounted price everywhere from official retailers) didn't sound the same as the first at all.

    The first unit has a sparkle and magic similar to that sparkle that a K501 had in the mids, forward, clear, engaging, magical. Everything else at that moment had problems, for me. It was an amazing experience, intense, dramatic, lovely. Soundstage, frequency damping/openness, and, mostly, dynamic range, was not really working. Like, at all, but it is only for me. And they were shouty but crystal clear.

    The second unit, surprisingly, has soundstage, no rattle/rumble in lows, all the dynamic range I wish the first unit should have got, same great built quality, dense built, heavy sense of a well built unit.
    But the sound... It was plain, grey, boring as hell, midrange/voices were several dB quieter than the first unit, no sparkle, not shouty this time of course, no magic, no drama, violin tone and timbre the same as... K712/DT770/HD650. Treble without traces of sibilance (remember I used the same tracks and lady voice as before) but this treble got muddy/busy in complex passages. Not in your face sound anymore.

    All in all it was exactly as a slightly improved 770/880/990. Exactly as one. Same sound signature in general, in resolution, goals, same traits, balance in general (I mean, the balance as in what you extract as meaningful from the music, they work the same way as older models, only with a bit better sound specs but not really better music quality per se). It is difficult to put into words what I want to say: I was trapped in a loop. It wasn't an upgrade, it wasn't a sidegrade. It was more of the same thing.

    I was upset, I was tired -really tired this time-, I was surprised. The unit wasn't faulty at all. It doesn't feel as unfocused, unmatched drivers (at the end I did several test tracks to check this issue, and phase as well). But a different tune. Both units were bought from official retailers, full price, the real thing.

    At the moment, and for the time being, I won't trust them at all, even if I try a pair in a shop and they sound wonderful. I don't like/want in my life this level of inconsistency or, even worse, changes as great as those in different batches (or components inside, damping, tune, etc). I already have to give back to a shop months ago an HD650 because it sounded a lot less capable, slightly different for the worse, than a unit from a friend that was bought in 2012. But at least in this case several years passed!
  11. kman1211
    I’ve experienced similar things. I owned 2 DT 1990’s and they sounded slightly different from each. Second was slightly better but mostly the same. Every single HD 600 and HD 650 I had sounded a little different, some better, some worse. I’ve also owned the T1.2 twice, first pair was extremely bright, second pair which I currently have is rather dark and the best Tesla Beyer I’ve owned.
  12. siberianmoon
    Were the drivers so radically different that different pair of cans could have a wholly different acoustic profile, these manufacturers would never ever get one pair out of the assembly lines due to not being able to find two matching drivers to put inside... That just doesn't happen. Having a cup of coffee changes one's perception more than the differences in hardware.
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  13. kman1211
    Usually the differences are rather minute, but they can be noticeable. Audeze has been particularly notorious for this, the original T1 had rather stark variances between pairs and batches, then there was the whole thing with Tyll’s Focal Utopia which is notably darker than the average pair
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2018
  14. jarnauga
    Different batches, different suppliers of source materials, magnets, etc., price reduced a lot officially, a change in the damping material, I don't know. It is a different tune, it is more like the normal sound signature of a beyer.

    My DT770Pro-250 from 9 years ago was exactly the same as another unit of the same model, this one a lot older with different lettering/branding in the cups. But the sound? Identical.

    Not this time. And I think the second unit, the boring one was the right unit, the standard sound, the correct sound for the model. The first one was a freak or a previous iteration, so I put the serials, just in case.

    And for the HD650... yes, it happened as well, but it s more understandable. Many years between both units. And if you try old and new say... K701 austria/china... with clearly different supply chains, it will be, in my opinion, obvious. But I can't say anything about many other models and brands I have and tested along the years because I never tried two models of any of them. I don't talk about rumors or myths. It is my experience first hand in this very particular case.

    I am even tempted to try a third time but I almost sure the second unit is the correct one and I don't need what it offers to me, that's all.
  15. Scutey
    I think if a hp is not right after trying twice then, chances are it will never be right, I'm the same with the HD 650, I've tried them twice, one second hand, one new, two years apart and I just can't get on with them, as much as I would like to, I just can't see the point of trying for a third time, so for me I'm just going to stick with the 1990's :beyersmile:.
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