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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. DavidA
    While I haven't done the mod to a DT-1990 with the older DT-990, 880, 770 if you wanted to go balanced you either had to re-wire the left side to a 4 pin mini-XLR or do a dual cable mod by installing a new mini-XLR on the right cup, something like this:
    DT-990 Dual cable mod.jpg
    My DT-990 with dual mini-xlr
  2. drummerdimitri
    I want to keep the cable to one side and do the cabling internally.

    Having trouble finding the same shaped plug and jack in 4 pole configuration though.

    Do you know where I can source these?
  3. MixMasterMan
    1990's on sale, right now, at Amazon for $499.
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  4. DavidA
  5. iliketowrap19
    Bought these for my birthday 2 weeks back. Really enjoying them. I like them with my HE-500's. Trying to complete my arsenal by finding a nice pair of E-MU Teaks or cheap 900's and that will be it for my Headphone purchases. Really happy with the buy. I've been doing research on these for more than a year now hoping they would somehow go on sale but, they never do so, I just pulled the trigger. Can't say I'm disappointed one bit. Fills in all the gaps that the HE-500's don't fill well. Very great all arounder.
  6. Slim1970
    Congrats on your purchase. I have the HE-500's as well as the DT 1990's and they do compliment each other nicely. They are different enough sonically to own both to my ears. Just so you know the TH-900 are in a different league :)
  7. iliketowrap19
    Yea, I understand which is why I was considering buying the 900's on Amazon even though it would be more expensive than getting it used to test it so, if I don't like it, I can always return it. I used to own the Th600's and loved the living heck out of the bass but, I was so bothered by the nondetachable cable on it that I sold it within two months. I'm sure the 900's are much better than the Teaks but I'm not a huge fan of that shiny "please scratch me" Red cups on them even though they're gorgeous.
  8. Slim1970
    That's why I'm scared to death to take my TH-900's out of the house. If I put one scratch on those beautiful red cups I'd hate myself.

    The E-MU teaks are probably the way to go for portability and they get you about 60% of the TH-900's sound. The TH-900's are really a phenomenon. They sound so open and airy with spectacular bass for a closed/semi-closed headphone. After listening to them you really have to give your ears a rest before listening to the DT 1990's again. Otherwise, the DT 1990's would sound like crap and I know this is not the case, lol.
  9. iliketowrap19
    is that 60% number really accurate? If the difference is really that drastic, I don't mind getting the 900's. I heard some people say that the 600's were about 85-90% of the 900's. I carry a Fiio X1 on me for music alongside an amazon bought earbuds and they;re enough for me while walking around so I wouldn't be taking the Teaks or 900's for a walk.
  10. Slim1970
    Maybe not that drastic but you can easily discern the difference in sound. I definitely would recommend getting a listen to them before purchasing
  11. iliketowrap19
    Amazon it is then!
  12. Slim1970
    Awesome, let us know what you think of them once you've had a chance to listen to them and do some sound comparisons.
  13. iliketowrap19
    Will try! I mostly lurk here lol.
  14. Slim1970
    Once I get a new set of headphones, I always join the associated thread of said headphone. It's great to read what others think.
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  15. DavidA
    To make the cable detachable is quite easy with the TH600, TH900 and THX00.

    Agree with you about the "please scratch me" cups of the TH900, its why I stayed with the TH600 and to me its fairly close to the TH900, my percentage of how close the TH600 would be to the TH900 would be 90-95% after having both for a few months (TH900 from a friend that I installed SMC jacks for removable cables for).

    Since I've yet to hear the DT-1990 how would you place them in comparison to the TH600 and HE500?
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