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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. sandy1010
    Has anyone tried the 1770 pleather pads on the 1990?
  2. letlive
    Yes, it sounds horrible.
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  3. sandy1010
    Anything in particular it did to the sound you didnt like?
  4. chimney189
    Good day everyone,
    I have a friend who is interested in these headphones.
    He's wondering if they can be powered by an iPhone 8.

    Does anyone have an impression of this combo?
    Would it work well enough?

  5. Scutey
    An iPhone8 should power the 1990 adequately but to really sing they need a portable amp.
  6. chimney189
    Thanks for the reply!
    Do you have a portable amp in mind that can be connected to the iPhone 8?
    More affordable if possible..
  7. Scutey
    I don't myself, I use a desktop amp/dac, but something like a Fiio A3/E11k, or another Fiio E17, should do a pretty good job and they are under $100. Hope this helps!.
  8. WildStyle-R11
    Wouldn't be so sure about that. My DT 1990 didn't like my Oppo HA-2 all that much in terms of getting there. Good, but can be better with a desktop AMP.
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  9. FND_UA
    Hello! Honestly I'd say for them to really shine they require some serious AMP. No iPhone can do that. One certainly would not get their true bass whatsoever and they can vibrate and punch very hard, they can get thunderous!
    I accidentally had the chance to listen to them with another DIY 4xD3A tubes amplifier, I was shocked by the bass these can produce (now I want that amp, awww)! As I've said before the 1990 have so much hidden potential when properly amped its unbelievable.
    Maybe, some kind of portable AMP could help your friend with the iPhone 8 (I'm no so sure about that either).
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  10. Sekka
    I just bought a used pair of these and I really like them, my only problem is that the soundstage is smaller than I expected, barely bigger than my K550. Yet, I read many reviews praising the soundstage, which confuses me. I'm using a Schiit Magni and Modi to power them.
  11. Hyp0xia
    Burn it in for 600 hours and quadruple your DAC and amp budget.</sarcasm>
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2018
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  12. Scutey
    Depends which pads you're using, B pads have a narrower soundstage, A pads have a wider soundstage.
  13. Sekka
    I am using the A pads
  14. megabigeye
    I don't think I'd ever describe the soundstage as large. Using the B pads, it's about comparable to the HD 650, which isn't known for its vastness.
    It's a little larger when I use my Quickie/Quicksand combo. I'm not sure if it's the tubes or the power that effect the soundstage.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2018
  15. scarfacegt
    Anyone compared them to the 1770 pro? I have the 1770s,and wondering if its worth getting the 1990s as an suppliment to the 1770s? The price is good on the 1990s now. :)
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