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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. p!atduma
    Sorry about that, but i can't find the answer anywhere. Same with the dt 770. The common dt 770s have "dt 770" written on the cans but watch "panic! At the disco idgaf cover" on youtube, they're using dt 770s but different design. It has beyerdynamic written on the cans. Just want to clarify this. Thanks!
  2. DavidA
    Good luck with your search and I hope you find the right answer about the differences :ksc75smile:
    How Do they compare to SONY Z7 Sennheiser HD650.

    How do they compare to SONY MDR 7520.

    I expect best clarity and detail in audio with no loss. Which is better.
  4. megabigeye
    DT 1990 vs. HD 650:
    DT 1990 have better low end extension and more linear bass.
    DT 1990 have more linear mids, though maybe very, very slightly recessed. HD 650's mids are definitely forward by comparison, though also very warm and natural sounding.
    DT 1990 have better high end extension. If you're looking for something with a "smooth" or relaxed treble presentation, then the DT 1990 won't be for you; you might prefer the HD 650.
    DT 1990 have much greater detail retrieval.
    DT 1990 are much more unforgiving of source.
    DT 1990 has greater dynamics.
    Soundstage sounds similar to me.
  5. drummerdimitri
    Interested to know if these are the end game or if going to the T1 gen 2 would improve things a bit. As a gamer I like to have as much sound-stage and stereo imaging as possible.
  6. DavidA
    I'd suggest the HD700 since its easier to drive from most sound cards ( I used to use an STX) and aside from the HD800 has one of the best soundstage/positional audio that I've heard.
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  7. kelly200269
    I don't think the T1.2 would anything more than the 1990's could give. IMO there would be no need to get the T1.2 over the 1990 for gaming.
  8. kelly200269
    Agree. The HD700's are probably the best bet in this scenario.
  9. Tsukuyomi
    I absolutely love my DT1990Pros, best headphones i own at the moment for kicking back and just enjoying my music when nobodys home to make noise.
    I've tried the HE400i and the HD600, but not the X2s. the sound stage is definitely bigger than the 400is and 600. but not by a significant amount, its noticeable depending on your source equipment.

    my Pros are still relatively new having bought them only few months ago, i use them when i have a quiet atmosphere to do so, so roughly 1-2 times a week. the rest of the time im using other headphones(closed back) due to a noisy house. the clamp is noticeable but tends to fade away after 15 minutes or so, the pads A and B are both good, however the A pads are much stiffer. the B pads are softer and more relaxed. these guys sit on your head comfortably. i've never had any hot spots on the headband, its soft and good for long periods of wearing. it can get a tiny bit warm but not sweaty after 4-5hrs of non-stop use. but i doubt anyone is sitting 4-5hrs non-stop without getting up and moving about.
  10. sandy1010
    Anyone had any success pad swapping outside of the two stock pads? Wouldn’t mind something just slightly thicker as my left ear rubs up against the driver.
  11. Tsukuyomi
    I dont have any ear rubbing issues, but i would definitely be curious to see if there are any hybrid/perforated soft leather ones with memory foam :)
  12. sandy1010
    Dekoni have a perforated leather option, worried it could brighten these up, which they don’t need.
  13. Scutey
    I haven't tried the Dekoni but my experience has been that other makes and even other Beyer pads affect the sound in a rather negative way.
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  14. zephyrstar
    I have the Dekoni fenestrated sheepskin pads on mine. Some general thoughts:
    • They seem high quality, nice buttery soft leather with nice stitching.
    • They are very comfortable, especially for long sessions or when it is hot/humid.
    • The memory foam is also very comfortable.
    • They are thicker than the stock pads.
    • I honestly can't say that they change the sound much. Not saying they don't, just saying that any difference is not obvious to me.
    • One factor complicating my ability to tell a difference between them and the stock pads is that I can't easily A/B test. See next point.
    • At least for me, they are really hard to get on. The leather that wraps around the back is really soft and thin. It doesn't have the plastic ring on the back to slip in the groove, only the leather. It was impossible for me to install them the same way I install the stock pads by feeding them into the groove and spinning. The thin leather just would not feed around the groove. I ended up working the leather in gently with a credit card which took some time but worked fine.
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  15. Darksoul
    I've tried these pads on them:

    Dekoni Elite Velour: The foam is weird, too squishy. The sound is very similar to the balanced pads with a bit more bass. The velour is not as..."fluffy" as the velour on the stock pads. It's closer to a common cloth.
    Dekoni Elite Fenestrated Sheepskin: Confortable, foam feels slightly firmer than the velour pads, nice materials. They sound like analytical pads on steroids, completely flat sound, to me these killed the bass and tamed the highs. That type of sound may appeal to some, but not for me.
    Brainwavz Velour: These are the ones I'm using right now, and I'm loving them. The foam has the right stiffness to my tastes, I like how the velour is "fluffier". It has the right size for my ears and I like how they make the DT-1990 sound. They give a fuller bass, with more extension, a nice rumble at times. The highs were tamed a bit, I felt like I lost some clarity; but I fixed that cutting out the mesh that came with them and I can't get enough of these headphones. I'm tempted to get the Brainwavz sheepskin earpads, I have the theory that the leather will make a better seal. But that is going to take a while.

    By the way, all of those options are thicker so I think they won't rub your ears; I had the same issue. One last thing, if you don't shy away from equalizing try these settings on Equalizer APO.

    EQ Preset (analytical pads): Preamp: -4.5 dB 10 Hz, +2.0 dB, Q 1.41 20 Hz, +3.0 dB, Q 0.6 62 Hz, +3.0 dB, Q 0.6 100 Hz, +0.5 dB, Q 1.41 200 Hz, -1.0 dB, Q 1.41 6000 Hz, -3.5 dB, Q 2.0 11000 Hz, -2.5 dB, Q 2.0

    I got them from metal571 video review of the DT-1990. I'm using them with the Brainwavz pads and to MY ear and preferences they dial in the sound signature of these headphones.
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