Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by chortya, Sep 25, 2017.
  1. chortya
    My retailer just confirmed that he should recieve the headphones in the first week of November. If you want I can check with him if he could export to you.
    I just checked the US version of the Beyerdynamic shop and it lists Aventho with mid-October shipping date, why don't you try to order directly? 449 USD is also less then 449 Euro :)
  2. chortya
    Good news, a couple of german hifi forum users have recieved their headphones and the feedbacks are very positive so far. Looking forward to get mine next week.
  3. jochen.schell
    Got mine yesterday :)
    I really like et even it can not compete with my JH13 or K1000, but these are other beast in another class and price.
    But for a bluetooth headphone with easy daily use with iPhone / iPad I am very pleased.
    The best bluetooth headphones I have had, including both Bragi models.
    My hearing system (ears) does have a huge damage since many years, one ear more than the other and this Mimi profiling is giving me a totally new experience.
    And as a Macbook user I do not even need another charger :)
  4. Kath
    This is probably a lame question but does the Aventho come with an accessory wire so it can be hardwired. I am thinking of these for my hearing loss since they work with mimi hearing app and need to use at radio staion which does not use wireless. Thanks
  5. surfratt
    Anyone have any impressions? I am considering this and the B&O H9. Does this have ANC? If so, how is it? More impressions/reviews :)
  6. Tjinnitus
    Got a very good review in
  7. Maelob
    No ANC
  8. chortya
    A cable is included as accessory but MIY DSP functionality is not availiable without bluetooth connection. The headphones sound good via cable with a good DAC/amp but subjectively via bluetooth they still sound better.
  9. Mightygrey
    Arrived at work this morning to find a package on my desk - my Aventhos have arrived! Very nice packaging and unboxing experience, and happy to say they are charged and ready to go right out of the box. They paired right away with my Galaxy S7 Edge, and a lovely lady with an English accent informed me that "Aptx is active". Immediately fired-up some Radiohead via Tidal - these are GREAT. Immediately comparing these to the DT1350's which have up until now been my go-to portables - they have more of a warm mid-bass tilt, and an overall 'wetter' sound. Lush, detailed, and great vocals. I'm going to enjoy these...
  10. alchemical
    Thanks for the first impressions. Where did you order from?
  11. Mightygrey
  12. davidland
    thanks for sharing!

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