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Best travel eartips for UM2?

  1. tkalee
    Hi, I've tried searching through the forums, but couldn't really find anything on this question:
    I'm going to be taking a long-haul flight shortly, and need some tips that will give me good isolation with my UM2s.  I know people recommend the Shure EA306s, but I'm afraid they'll be too big for my ear canal.  Now I'm looking at the ER6i tips, but don't know whether it will fit on the UM2 nozzle.
    Can anyone give me advice on this?  If modding is involved, what specifically would I need to cut?
  2. animalsrush
    Try the Etymotic bi-flnages. I used to use the large ones with my UM3X and it provided the best comfort and seal ..
  3. Rmccullo
    I use the triflanges from Shure. I modded them into biflanges and they work great. I have the um3x, and had the um2
  4. tkalee
    Thanks guys.  I've decided to get the Shures and the Etys, and then experiment with them.
  5. shane55
    I find that the Comply P-series is the best for my ears. I have owned the UM2's for years and with the Comply's I get near total isolation as well as multi-hour comfort.

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