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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. Tonymac136
    I've got a vintage and a not so vintage hifi setup. Using my NAD 533 (Rebadged Planar 2) with my Wharfedale Pacific PI30 and NAD C350 doesn't do it. Yet my older Mission Cyrus 780 and Arcam Delta 290 do with the same turntable. Perhaps some kind of inaudible spike in the sub bass that doesn't get reproduced by more modern speakers, or maybe to do with cabinet size.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2019
  2. zachmal
    potentially Audiosense T180, 260, 300

    Tennmak Pro (or Piano) also might work [each of those costs around 10 bucks without cable]
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  3. rayliam80
    During my last flight long-haul flight (14 hours), I used my KZ ZS10 Pro with the ear tips I usually use (Auvio wide bore) and then I took my 3M earmuffs (-28 db) and wore those over my ears. The low frequencies emitted by the engine noise still came through but once there was an audio signal (music/movies via in-flight entertainment), it was essentially drowned out. Human voices and a baby crying nearby were even more subdued compared to the engine noise. Of course, comfort is an issue with earmuffs and the heat build up but I'd take breaks every few hours during the flight. On previous long-haul flights, I have tried triple flange tips and those do a good job once an audio signal is present but I still feel like I'm increasing the volume to overcome the engine noise. I have the same flight coming up next week so this time I'm going to go with my silicone Auvio tips stuffed with 3M earplug foam (DIY Symbio) with a 3M earplug foam spacer to increase the isolation. I'll carry my CCA C12, my Blon BL-03 and my Hidizs AP80 in my jacket pocket. My CCA C12 has the same exact setup as my Blon BL-03. I still may carry my 3M earmuffs just in case. And I know, it's a lot of 'muff going on. I'm just not a big fan of ANC (active noise cancellation).


  4. Slater
    This is the ultimate test of noise cancelling on long flights:

  5. rayliam80
    I do this long haul flight at least once a year now. And that just now convinced me that I totally need to bring my dorky 3M earmuffs in my carry on. Thanks Slater! :ksc75smile:
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  6. kukkurovaca
    "Too much bass" is bad, but how much is too much will depend on the drivers, the ears, the eartips, the genre(s) of music, and doubtless other factors. In terms of distortion specifically, it will definitely depend on the drivers. Some drivers can't do much bass quantity and quality at the same time, but there are absolutely drivers that can. (This is a nice thing about planar bass, you can push the output, even if you have to EQ it to do so, without getting distortion.) Some dynamic drivers can too, depending on materials/design/tuning.

    Now, do you need a driver that can do that? Maybe. If you want to capture the feeling of a live performance in a genre where bass frequencies play a meaningful role (which includes some classical music, not just hip-hop or rock), the bass should at least not be rolled off relative to the mids and for many listeners should be somewhat elevated. But if your goal is to be able to listen analytically in other parts of the spectrum, then your needs may be totally different.

    My personal preference is for increased subbass, which is less at risk for bleeding into the mids than an overall bass boost. This makes the bass feel a bit more visceral but not at the cost of detail. But horses for courses.
  7. citral23
    Sensible answer here.
  8. citral23
    I just happen to have better taste than most so I'll just leave it at "the tin T2 has plenty of bass", not really interested in arguments trying to defend untasteful consumer oriented tunings, we're on head-fi after all not on "which Beats has he most brainless untextured bass with super slow decay to try to reproduce a shitty Dr Dre concert" forums.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh but with the recent chifi boom there's an overload of ppl with no taste and ears whatsoever asserting with the greatest authority how their 30$ ultra v-shaped iem is everything one could ever wish for, and it's annoying.
  9. nraymond
    It doesn't sound harsh, it just sounds like your ego is getting in the way of understanding the reality of the situation. I recommend watching this, and then extrapolating what they are saying about over-ear and on-ear headphones further to in-ear:

    And I'm not saying some people don't have an irrational love of too much bass - that happens. Some people love too much treble and mistake that for detail, that happens too. Others love vocals too much. But I think it is likely impossible to make a headphone/earphone that is ideal for all people, and likewise it is hard to impossible to generate recommendations that will apply to everyone unless you know a person's head/torso/ear physical dimensions, hearing acuity, and preferred listening level.
  10. zachmal
    good grief and

    >Children are addicted to technology Screams for 8 hour flight because his mother couldn’t get the internet to work, the parents are not paying enough attention.

    is the only description of that "non-issue", no one seems to care, to reprimand or teach the kid a lesson

    how exactly is the kid to supposed to keep his emotions in control later in life ?

    convinces me to get 3M earmuffs as well for the next flight and good sealing IEMs XD
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  11. Adide
    Wow man, how's the weather up there in your ivory tower?

    Maybe try to understand to let go and agree that people's preferences and background are and will always be diverse and we are all here to learn from each other and not talk down tastes and personal experiences.

    I like most of your posts but in some of them your are getting angry and patronizing for no reason really.

  12. silverfishla
    I can agree with you. It is annoying, especially when every single Chi-Fi thread is littered with the same IEMs being talked about and ruminated over, again and again. It’s great that Blon released a good “broad stroke” iem that everybody seems to like. I like it too. Unfortunately, because it’s so popular (worse that it’s been hyped as a killer) means we’re going to see a flood of “generally good” IEMs being released this next year. Hopefully there will still be outliers out there willing to give something different a chance.
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  13. ozziecook
    Mate. Have a read back. Did you mean this? Really?
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  14. kukkurovaca
    Just for s**** and giggles, and because it's always good to occasionally re-check your preferences to see if they've changed, I'm doing some quick comparisons now between my current two most-used IEMs (Advanced GT3 Superbass and BQEYZ Spring 1), and the closest thing I have on hand to a T2 in terms of bass roll-off (going by graphs, at least), which is the Koss KSC75.

    The KSC75 has rolled-off bass, the GT3 Superbass -- despite its over-the-top-name -- has relatively linear bass with slightly elevated subbass, and the Spring 1 has more forward midbass and lower mids (with still good subbass extension).

    With bass roll-off, most things sound thin and dry to me. I'm not even sure I'd say it's an improvement for analytic listening purposes. Particularly as regards any detail or texture within the bass frequencies themselves. However, when the midbass is too much, as on the Spring 1, that certainly also negatively impacts detail. So for me, what seems to work best is midbass that's about level with the mids, give or take, and subass that is elevated to taste -- which in my case is usually by quite a bit.

    The only time I want less subbass is when I'm listening to a track that happens to have just a vulgar amount of bass on its own. : )

    In case anyone's morbidly curious, here's what I'm listening to, which includes double bass (tracks 3-4), pipe organ (tracks 8-9), and electronic music with strong bass (tracks 15-18) alongside other tracks where bass isn't necessarily a prime feature.


    Anyway, not a judgment on anyone else's preferences, just where my (bass?)head's at.
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  15. snip3r77
    Can anyone advise if I should get the turn v90?
    I have the t2 and blon. Does it complement well or are side grades

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