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Best sounding IEMS that have GREAT build quality.

  1. kevms89
    Im not talking just pretty good sounding iems, Im talking high end sound but with great build quality, I looked at the ultimate ears 900 but I am hearing issues with the cables, I was looking at head direct but I had build issues with RE0.

    Is westone 4R a good bet?
  2. Zalithian
    Yes, the W4R at $299 is probably your best bet in terms of great sound and build quality. The cable is removable as well, so even if it went bad you can just pick up a new one. I would stay away from the RE400 for build quality reasons.
  3. ryanjsoo
    Audio technica`s ck10 and 100 earphones have also been praised on their sound quality and build.

    CK10 is indestructible and has excellent sound.

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    I already had a W4 and picked up the W4R at 299 so I'll have them forever. One of my favorites.

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  6. inthearmsofrain
    ue 900 build quality is terrible unfortunately because Im a huge UE fan...Westone 4r is your best bet IMO
  7. JoeDoe
    Also, the TDK IEMs (BA200 and IE800) are pretty stout with their ribbon cables.
  8. kevms89
    Hmm so WS4R it is?
    What is its closest competitor?

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