1. Viro17

    Finding the perfect IEM

    Hey everybody, I own the Sennheiser HD 25 and V-Moda m 100 and I absolutely love them, but recently I've been looking into IEM's. I Primarily listen to electronic music such as Progressive House, Trance, and Deep House although i would by no means classify myself as a basshead, but i do...
  2. joseph0042

    Portable Headphone recommendations

    Hey guys, just to give a quick background I have the shure se215's (that have been taken over by my wife) and the sennheiser hd598's. The 598's are great, but I am looking to get another set of headphones as I seem to have gotten an small audiophile addiction since coming here. I am looking for...
  3. swong46

    Which IEM to get with inline mic?

    Hey there,   I've been doing a little research on a pair of IEM. I was looking at the SE425 w/ mic cable or UE900S but they are just slightly over budget. What would you recommend that has an inline mic and cost $300 or less?   My music ranges from rap to pop to classical but a lot of...
  4. kevms89

    Best sounding IEMS that have GREAT build quality.

    Im not talking just pretty good sounding iems, Im talking high end sound but with great build quality, I looked at the ultimate ears 900 but I am hearing issues with the cables, I was looking at head direct but I had build issues with RE0. Is westone 4R a good bet?
  5. tinyman392

    Lear LUF-4C: Impressions and Comparisons

    Lear LUF-4C: Impressions and Comparisons   ***NOTE***   I've had the LUF-4C for just about a week now.  The following impressions are general impressions and very basic.  They'll give you a general overview of how the IEMs compare, but are in no way in-depth.  More in-depth comparisons will...
  6. bassophile

    What are some good quad-driver balanced armature universal fit in ear monitors?

    I am making a list - so far I got Westone 4R, Ultimate Ears UE900, Sony XBA-4, Nuforce Primo 8 and Shure SE846.   Are there any more? I'm particularly looking for one with a treble-heavy, bass and mid-lite sound signature, which none of the above really has.   Thanks a lot in advance...
  7. dichtert

    Ultimate Ear UE900

    I just got a pair of UE 900's. Can they be modified for ear molds?
  8. dichtert

    Ultimate Ear UE900

    I'm having problem with the cable becoming unbranded (the portion of the cable which attaches to the IEM. Does anyone have a fix or possibly a replacement cable that doesn't have that problem? Thanks
  9. Cooluser23

    now that Ultimate Ears 900s is discontinued, what am I supposed to pick?

    So I got off the phone with Logitech tech support and he said that their earphones are discontinued and it's just leftover stock. Warranty will be done with a coupon for another Logitech product. So what IEM's do I buy now? I was so set on the allrounder of the 900s.
  10. dj CampoVerde

    Logitech not shipping UE900s, but UE900 in updated box

    Despite all quality control issues and uncertainty about the future of the product, i went ahead two weeks ago and ordered the UE900s model on the US web page from Logitech. They are priced higher there than on Amazon, but i wanted to make sure i get the latest model and customer care.   Today I...
  11. sonypc100

    Looking for an IEM with iPhone remote for around $200-$300

    Hi   Ive previously had a pair of 535s and the IE80s and liked both and now need a new pair of IEMs.   Although I could afford the 846 or others in that price range at a push, I just wouldnt use them enough to warrant the cost.   Also my music isnt of good enough quality to do them...
  12. shanecg32

    WTS/WTT (PRICE DROP) Various IEM's Etymotic er-4 UE900s + MDR-10RBT + More

    Looking to sell or trade these items. I want to trade for other mid/high tier iem's or custom iem's that i can get reshelled. I can add money to the trades if necessary. Prices include shipping in the U.S. and paypal fee. Dont be afraid to send me trade offers or sale offers! Prices are...
  13. Logitech UE 900s Ultimate Ears Noise-Isolating Earphones (NEWEST 2014 VERSION)

    Logitech UE 900s Ultimate Ears Noise-Isolating Earphones (NEWEST 2014 VERSION)

    The Ultimate Ears 900s Noise-Isolating Earphones were designed to make your music come alive-to reveal layers and details you never knew were there. They transcend a technological device-unlocking the depth, richness and emotion of the music you love.