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Best Smartphone for audiophile Part II (Updated: Mar 2019)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by artpiggo, Jun 19, 2017.
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  1. berzerk428
    I ended up getting the Note 9 + Earstudio 100 which is a fantastic combination that gives me 512GB + SD card, fantastic sound quality, a wire free smartphone and at the same time the benefit of having my beloved note 9 as a modern user interface for my music and the freedom to choose which ever music app I want like Rocket Player which gives me quick access to song rating features. when commuting I only use this combination, at work I mainly use my DX200 which has stellar audio quality that clearly surpasses the Note 9 + ES100 setup but is worse in every other aspect when compared to the Note 9+ES100 - and I dont mean the DX200 is a pain to use, that's not the case at all, but I'm just so in love with the convenience and possibilities the Note9+ES100 offer me in contrast
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  2. berzerk428
    and by the way, Note 9 + ES100 to me personally is so good that I would have no problem using it as a permanent solution for my music, even though as I mentioned I can clearly hear a difference in terms of quality when using my DX200, but it's not so much a case of average quality vs stellar quality but very good quality compared to stellar quality
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  3. berzerk428
    accidental double post ^^'
  4. kutulu32
    Sorry for the off topic have someone listened to pioneer XDP-300R? If we compare it to lgv30 + ?
  5. cj3209
    Interesting. I owned an Onkyo DPX1a which I believe is similar to the Pioneer version. The DPX1a also had dual Sabre ES9018K2M DACs and could decode MQA Tidal files as well. It sounded great but had some potential hardware issues such as loose headphone connections/jacks, battery life wasn't that great, and it only had 32/64 GB although it has dual micro sd card slots. It was better sounding than my LG V20 by a pretty good margin but I didn't do a head to head with my old V30+. It's not a fair comparison because the DPX1a is primarily a music player and is designed as such.
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  6. kutulu32
    Thanks for your answer i am looking for a new dap my old sflo2 died lol and i found it quite cheap 310 euro i dont know if i can post link.
  7. cj3209
    Hopefully, the Pioneer version doesn't have any of the connection/jack issues. Other than that, it should sound really good. My old DPX1a gave my SP1000 a run for its money...
  8. ljnew
    Wonder if you had a chance to try the 64 audio a18t or u18t with v30? Imho, the best iem ever and a really good combination.

    The forte didn't sound good to me on lg but sounded awesome on macbook pro but i definitely prefer u18t.
  9. cj3209
    No, I've never heard the u18t - would like to try some day though...But I did own the U12 and the bass was overpowering for me.
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  10. bencherian
    To all the Vivo Nex users here.

    Can you tell me how is the software updates going on ? Am not expecting crazy fast updates as Pixel or OnePlus but is at atleast better than LG ? (As LG and Vivo are only left out with audio quality phones)

    Please reply
  11. artpiggo
    Depend on whether nex s is global rom(Hong Kong) or china rom.

    If it is china rom, it gets update around every 2 week. While global rom is around 1 per month or less.
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  12. fabrusso80
    Yesterday I was buying almost the LG v30+. But I remain between V30+ and Nokia8 (As I write before due to the high prices in Turkey).
    I did walk in the streets and I ask to the shops that are selling and also fix phones. I ask to a few people about LG in general and especiall about V30+. I had a frustration about the service o LG. Because all the guys says don't buy LG because 1) they have a lot of mainboard problems (especially the G3-G4-G5) 2) the service in Turkey is not good and maybe will close the office in Turkey.
    So I'm thinking about Nokia8. But I'm not sure... Or Huawei, Samsung, Apple.....Or.....??
  13. kutulu32
    Yes some older lgs had mainboard issues bootloops etc i also had a bootlooped gflex 2 but i think that current phones are ok (after v10)
  14. nicoch46
    HI can please share more info on nokia ?
  15. fabrusso80
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