Best Smartphone for audiophile Part II (Updated: Mar 2018)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by artpiggo, Jun 19, 2017.
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  1. RicardoB
    Do you already have the q1 on hand? I don't currently have the Axon but I did for a while, the only thing I didn't really like was the camera but the battery life was excellent even with the 2k screen, as far as sound imo the v10 and v20 in aux mode beats the Axon overall, the q1 beats the v20 in aux mode but I have to test high gain vs the q1 on Friday, it also depends on the headphones on neutral or warm headphones you will definitely notice the missing treble extension using the Axon, on open back headphones you till notice the loss of separation, I thought the Axon sounded great when I had it but I struggled with it sounding dull at times when I finally heard the v10 and the x900 I knew exactly what was missing from the Axon. Maybe I'm making it sound worse than it is but that's not much intention I just fell the q1 will sound better especially in high gain...I wish I could find an Axon to do a comparison but my friends and I switch phones like every 6 months lol
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  2. ZeVioleLesLits
    No sadly, I will get the fiio during Christmas, hopefully at the same time with axon 7 of gearbest doesn't cancel the orders..
    Once again, thanks a lot for your input, it really helps me.
  3. RicardoB
    What I would probably do if I were you is research which is the better phone overall between the Leeco and the Axon, if you decide that it's the Axon then maybe you can sell the Leeco and now you have headphone jack with a good DAC, awesome speakers, no extra bulk or adapters while mobile then Fiio while home for more relaxed's a really good device I hope I didn't sound too negative....
  4. RedSky0
    DAC works with PowerAmp Alpha* (also some other players), google it you will see how to do it. I never used the stock player.

    Can't comment on the Q1. Assume if you bought it you can A/B test and tell us the result :)

    I never felt the need to use Dolby, from what I remember it made the headphone out muddier but my memory could be wrong. Again, you can always A/B test to see if you like it.
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  5. Hariz Nordin
    hi again guys..
    i havent found the answer 4 the balanced and unbalanced output terms..
    can anyone enlighten me?
  6. artpiggo
  7. Hariz Nordin
  8. jagwap
    Then you understood enough.
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  9. waveSounds
    I'm excited by the incoming phone from Razer. Audio specs wise it lists:

    • Stereo Front-facing speakers
    • Dual Amplifiers
    • Audio Adapter with THX certified DAC

    It's other main selling points are the 4000 mAh battery and 120hz display. It left a very positive impression on Marques Brownlee.
  10. gr8soundz
    I just finished watching the Razer keynote. The 8GB of RAM and 120Hz definitely caught my eye but it's crazy that they're touting audio specs on yet another new phone with no headphone jack. Guess I'll need to carry a small DAP with me along with a phone in the near future. So much for future-proof specs when I'm back to carrying 2 devices.
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  11. waveSounds
    Mmm I only saw that it didn't have a headphone jack after I posted. I wouldn't buy the Pixel 2 because of the lack of one and the faffery that'd be involved to hook up my cans, but the adaptor that comes with the Razer looks simple enough to mitigate those annoyances. Fingers crossed that it is!
  12. Nimpo
    I thought all audio adapters that come no-jack-phones have the same form?
  13. waveSounds
    Possibly. Probably! What I meant was, that I'm hoping the DAC within the included adaptor is enough of an improvement over standard phone DACs (like the one in my S7) that I won't always have to plug my Mojo in to get decent sound, seeing as audio quality is one of the phones USPs.
  14. ljnew
    anyone heard pro 7?
  15. gr8soundz
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