Best Rapper Now?
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^ say waaaaaaaaaaaaaah... you gotta be kidding about his flow sucks... his flow is a million times better than ... well pretty much anyone...  
checking out kid cudi now... aaaaaaaand vomiting...
also just listened to some lupe.. now there is a rapper with horrible flow... i could hardly stand it.
i guess i'm not hip to the new fangled rappers these days.. the more i hear the more i feel my ears bleeding
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thats more like it... but....this is how its done





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IMO, one of the best rappers out there now is kid cudi.  great stoner rap.

Kid Cudi? hahaha
thats more like it... but....this is how its done

I'm sure no one in this thread will argue on Jurassic 5 being great, not so much the rest. But the point of the thread was to poll who you think is the best right now.
+1 on Lauryn Hill.
racer_x124 good choice of song.
I thought we were talking about best rapper not best flow. Flow is about 20% of it. IMO, Lupe has yet to be surpassed by any mention in this thread, though I already knew that. Going by the guidelines set by the OP that is... Bring up the late greats, old vets, etc. and things get a bit tougher. 
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well, it took a while but i just listened to every rapper mentioned on this site (that i hadnt already heard) and im still sticking to my list of bests:
there were a few pretty good ones, and a few that everyone seems to like that sounded pretty bad to me... anyway...
aesop rock
Charlie Tuna (jurassic 5)
lauryn Hill
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cudi is good because he doesn't talk about the stupid crap that every other rapper talks about, and his flow is effortless. 
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I'm surprised that this hasn't come up yet, but I'm a "rock guy" and thoroughly enjoy the work of Fort Minor.  Some of their stuff is weak but as an overall package, I'm really impressed with them.
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raekwon, ghostface killah, lupe fiasco, madvillain, big boi.
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LUPE FIASCO by far!!! BY FAR!!!! He speaks the realest rhymes I've ever heard. Even his mainstream stuff. His flows actually flow and sound so sweet to the ears. I DONT like rap...but Lupe gives me faith in the genre. J. Cole is another honorable mention. If you want to catch a rising star...check out Dumbfoundead. Dudes crazy! My fav Lupe song... but all his songs are good
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cudi is good because he doesn't talk about the stupid crap that every other rapper talks about, and his flow is effortless. 

Actually...Cudi is catchy but does not have real meaning in some of his songs...i mean...I make her say...cmon...really...great songs...but not the most original in terms of idea
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Hurt me soul. Dope song.
Kid Cudi is catchy, which is why he's big on the radio. I don't think he's a lyricist, far from it. Only thing I like from him is his Man on the Moon project. Mostly because of G.O.O.D Music's backing and concept of the album, along with Common's narration, story and good beats it turned out as a solid piece. Enter Galactic, Pursuit of Happiness, Alive and Sky Might Fall being my favorites.

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