Best Rapper Now?
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Seeing your from Canada I figured you would be familiar with Shad. No one around here knows who he is.
Shad is one of the rappers that with some more time and consistency (not that he isn't already) he can easily reach that "top" status. At least my top. Dude is legit.
TSOL is out in Canada now but I think it's still a few months out from reaching the states. 

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Shad is a cool dude. Chilled with him a bit at Vans. I was setting up stuff at the Wraped tour and I started rapping a little bit of Common to get the day to go by and he heard  and kind of put in his own little spin to the song. I think he's my favorite artist out at the moment. : )
I think he's the only hiphop artist in grad school...
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Nothing about the best
But some rappers I really enjoy that I'm sure ya never even knew existed.
Playa Fly
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Nothing about the best
But some rappers I really enjoy that I'm sure ya never even knew existed.
Playa Fly

Know of them but they're rather mediocre in my opinion. I just can't get into songs that have no multis...NATAS sounds like a bunch of black vanilla ices.  
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Semisight beat me too it.
Lupe IMO is head and shoulders above everyone else. 80% of what he says goes over people's heads. 
Kick, Push was a single. You need to hear some of his stuff that isn't as mainstream, if I can even use that word and Lupe in the same sentence.
Check out: Failure, I Gotcha, Lupe The Killa, Streets on Fire, Game Time, Yoga Flame, Say Something. I can really go on and on. 
Other than that some of my older favorites are:
Lauryn Hill
Mos Def
Talib Kweli
The Roots
A Tribe Called Quest
The Fugees
and some newer guys that have shown they have what it takes:
Mickey Factz
J Cole

Vouch for these, they were my picks for best rappers too.  I'll have to look into your other picks if you already picked those ^_^
I heard this on an RJD2 CD a couple of months ago, this guy Jakki the Motamouth seems pretty good.
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these 3  smoke everyone mentioned on here thus far by a long shot as far as amazing rhyme skills, amazing vocabulary, and unique style
Aesop Rock
Jurrassic 5 ... more specifically Tuna fish from Jurassic 5 - hes the giant with the deeeep voice
most of what passes for rap these days is cRap especially compared to these 3




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