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Best In-Ear headphones for under $120

  1. Bunchies
    So I recently bought a pair of HD 280s only to realize that they were really uncomfortable to wear despite the amazing sound they dished out. I was reluctant at first to return them but, I really do need something more comfortable and possibly more discrete. At first I wanted to stay away from the in ear head phones because the ones I've had in the past have always broke on me within months of purchasing them. Then again I've never purchased a pair that was over $30, so this time I'm doing things right.
    So far I'm at a toss up between the Bose IE2 and the Klipsch IE4. Both look promising, but I really don't know which one to get.
    Anyone have any suggestions between those two or perhaps another headphone they'd suggest to me?
    Things I'm mainly looking for:
    In ears comparable to the sound quality of the HD 280s
    Listen to mostly post-hardcore music but I do like to hear acoustics, rap and pop from time to time. Bass isn't nearly as important as treble to me, that's for sure.
    Under the $120 price range
    Thanks in advance guys. :D
  2. HerkFE
  3. Bunchies
    Alright so I gave that thread a read, but one of the headphones that I mentioned wasn't on there. Was wondering if maybe you had a review from someone else or the same person about the Bose IE2? I've heard good and bad things about them, so I'm just wondering.
    Found it myself haha
    Anyways, I'm still at a toss up between the Klipsch and the Bose. Reason being is that I get a sick employee discount at Best Buy, and those are the only two models we have in the store. So between those two, which do you think is better sound quality wise?
    I know the S4's offer much better isolation than the Bose, but sound quality wise I've, again, heard good and bad things repeated about both.
    Little help?
  4. HerkFE
    Well is the goal to stay under $120 or to use your discount at BB? The reason I ask is for under $120 there are quite a few sets that I think have a unanimously better reputation for listener enjoyment and SQ at that price point or quite a bit less that may not be available at BB.
    The ones that immediately come to mind are Nuforce NE-700's, Thinksound TS02's, Rockford Fosgate Punch Plugs, Meeelec M6P's and M11P's not to mention the new models due out this year. Also with your BB discount don't the Monster Turbine's get a pretty significant discount? These are well liked albeit love/hate IEM's that usually have their biggest complaint being their price point.
  5. jeffmd
    Hey bunchies... I'm also a 280 pro user who needed to pickup a set of portable IEMs for on the go. I had abit of a smaller budget and went with the Klipsch S4's for $69. In comparison the S4 take clarity down just a notch, but redeems itself with having better bass.

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