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Best IEM for ipod 5.5g around or under $100?

  1. btym
    I prefer headphones but I decided I needed something in-ear for listening on the bus and at work etc. Decided to pick up a pair of Pistons because they're dirt cheap. They sound good for the price, but they're pretty bassy and unfortunately I hear constant static from my ipod that I never heard before because they only have 16 ohm impedance. So the Pistons don't seem to be right for me, I'm looking for something a bit more neutral and something a little harder for my ipod to drive so that static doesn't get through.
    The RE-400 seem good, are such flat IEMs still fun to listen to? Would probably prefer a slightly warm response to a completely neutral response (the GR07's graph looks nice but I haven't actually listened to them). Also I like the shape of the SE215 since they seem like they'd be comfortable lying down, but they're very bassy :frowning2:
  2. Chiho
    Re-400 + HM 601 LE is bundled and on sale for $150. For re-400 alone is $79 now.
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  3. ZapX629

    GR07 is a great choice and I've never heard static from it from any source, just be aware that the treble can be a bit sharp, but other than that it ticks all your boxes. RE400 sounds great but the build quality is suspect. A lot of those break. You could also try the Havi B3 with an amp. They have a small recess in the mids, but are generally on the neutral side with a great soundstage for an IEM.
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  4. btym
    Alright, thanks guys. Trying to avoid using an amp because they'll mostly be used in public and that's not very convenient
  5. Lestat
    Second on the VSONIC GR07 Classic - lendmeurears is a good dealer, quick shipping, accepts paypal, and likely will have some sort of black friday discount (I think they did last year - wouldnt swear to it tho).
  6. btym
    GR07s came today, they also have static with my ipod. Oh well. They sound great. May I'll get an amp at some point to increase the signal-to-noise or switch to a Fiio X1.

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