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Best classical recordings...ever!

Discussion in 'Music' started by kungfuthug, Sep 8, 2012.
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  1. Kundi
    Any favorites for the first half of the year?
  2. mbhaub
    Today I get notice that someone replied to a thread on a site I haven't visited in years! Head-fi lives!
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  3. Kundi
    Your last post was in 2015! Welcome back!
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  4. Light - Man
    Sorry Quinto, I thought that you were a happily married man?! :ksc75smile:

  5. Quinto
    happy man can dream :D
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  6. Claritas
    One, so far.

    This is the finale of Evgeny Kissin's playing Brahms' 2d Piano Concerto at a Proms concert on August 5th, 2002. Pretty amazing.

    It's available on youtube in five parts. I'm assuming it's a bootleg, as it was never released commercially.

    Incidentally, it got panned in The Guardian ("bewildering") and The Independent ("mechanistic"), and got a mixed review in the Daily Telegraph ("immersed in his own private world").

    Fortunately, you can hear it for yourself—and make up your own mind!

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  7. Delirious Lab
    Found this LP set a couple of weeks ago... My new Mani/Saga/Vidar kit is soooo happy.


    Who needs period instruments when it gets this good?
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  8. perhapss
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  9. perhapss
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  10. perhapss
    So, the last 2 pages of this thread encompasses almost a year's time. If my last 2 posts ended up being the last (Nobody even seems to care enough to comment on these extraordinary documents) the thread could forego further redundancy and repetition and die respectively IMO.

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  11. Christer
    Don't despair!
    Your posts are interesting and I have the conductors videos you posted on DVDs. But until the end of the BBC Proms season I am busy listening and re-listening to what currrent mainly young artists have to offer in the classical repertoire.
    At least via headphones the SQ BBC Radio 3 streams are not bad and some of this year's performances are very good indeed imho.
    A couple of favourites are Mozart's last Piano Concerto no27 and Currenthzis's Beethoven symphonies 2and 5,and Karena Kannelakis's concert with a brilliant performance of Beethoven's Coriolan Overture also available as a video just keep me to busy to post often here currently.
    And Manze's Haydn London Symphony is a concert I have played more than 5 times since it was broadcast
    The same goes for Debussy's magic Opera Pelléas and Mélisande which I have revisited quite a lot recently.
    Cheers Christer
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2018
  12. perhapss
    Hello there Mr. (Ms.?) Christer. My lament is not so much about my post being neglected as it is about the thread being neglected.Maybe limping along might better describe it. Peace and listen in good health!!
  13. DR650SE
    Good to see some life here. I know diddly about classical music other then I like it occasionally. I use this thread to discover new stuff. Otherwise I just go to the library and grab random stuff and rip a copy of it. At least here I have peer reviewed stuff.
  14. Indiana
    Hm, maybe there is a reason for that. The thread is just boring. Beethoven, Mahler, Mozart, Bach... etc. Over and over.
    Hm, so what? I just care what is relevant to me regarding the context.
    600 pages of classical music transfiguration is a bit to much for my taste. This thread gives the impression the music was better decades ago. Karajan, Bohm, Bernstein and many other famous clowns are not in my collection. And I listen all the time to classical music (whatever that might be). Tastes are different.
  15. Hutnicks
    Well heck, lets fire it up with an almost non sequitur

    For a newb to classical I would have to recco the OST for the anime series Legend of the Galactic Heroes. It is almost an instant classical music collection unto itself..
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