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  1. ctemkin
    I confess to being a mostly composed in 17th-19th centuries/recorded in 20th century kind of guy, but I was bowled over by Evelina Vorontsova's Rachmaninoff recording (Piano Sonata No 2 and others). I got it based on a recommendation in Stereophile (buying it was not easy; the only place I could find it was a Dutch online store, and I couldn't have done it without the Google translator). Very interesting music, sensational performance, and amazing sound quality.
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    great performance, so sblime.

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  3. Starway
    Apologies if this isn't the right thread to ask this but I'm working on a lossless playlist of popular classical music and I can't for the life of me find the orchestral interpretation of Schubert's Standchen D 957 for purchase. The interpretations Ive come across are either arrangements for piano or vocal. Any help?
  4. perhapss
    Some classical music has truly stood the test of time . "no one goes out to by a rock or hip-hop album with the intent of finding the one they will cherish until they die. It's completely over-the-top. Why do that with classical?"
    I would argue that classical music culture is rooted in an actual live performance tradition quite unlike the contemporary popular music you are referring to which is a product of music production mostly.

    Classical music is a matured cultural phenomenon over centuries and most of the actual cultural relevance to society is marginalized. Much of the "great recordings" which are more famous often are of dead conductors (and musicans) who were directly connected to that live performance culture and were documented in action.

    "Classical enthusiasts tend to be very dependent on what people at the time thought or said about a particular recording or performance." All music enthusiasts do this of any style. Especially if they are connected to the living culture from which the music comes from.

    Unfortunately, classical music is largely divorced from general society. Much of it is in the museum department. The reason many "great recordings" are great is because there weren't so many skilled musicians and it took great personalities with distinctive skill and talents.You refer ro Starker, the reason his recording is great is because it was pioneering and unique and at the forefront of recorded classical culture. Casals would be another example in this context. These days, the market is saturated with technically skilled music but very little new views to much of the traditional repertoire.As for new music it's often too culturally irrelevant to be a cultural phenomenon at all. This despite a lot of quality recordings as you mention. I will say that even though you "stay away from" the big labels, you do yourself a great disservice. It's hard to underestimate the impact they have had on classical music culture in the modern "recorded" age. They captured much of the great recordings of history.

    It's the conservatism of the genre that generally means the big-label stuff frankly sucks in comparison to the smaller ones.[/QUOTE]

    The reason many historically great recordings are such is they towered above their competition at the time they were relevant. And they are still relevant to many.

    I think these points are relevant to what the title of this thread actually says. I have tried consistently over the years to include modern/comtemporary recordings which I honestly believe are the best of their kind.Some are even on the new labels you've mentioned Even if their kind was a small culture of society.

    The reason many historically great recordings are such is they towered above their competition at the time they were relevant. And they are still relevant to many.

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  5. thecrow
    and i just thought clasical music's appeal was done to the fact that so many people like to listen to these cover bands
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  6. perhapss

    "done" ?

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  8. FlyingWing
    Mstislav Rostropovich Complete Recordings on Deutsche Grammophon-
    37CDs which are a bliss to listen to, yet also exemplary to evaluate some gear since the Dynamic-Range values in there are impressive.
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  9. Quinto

    Just got me this, only heard his 8th on LP so no idea what to expect

    now I'm waiting for my HD800S :)
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  11. Quinto
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  12. Pokemonn
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  13. Quinto
    What a wonderful and unique man Casals was..much enjoyed his biography
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