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Best classical recordings...ever!

Discussion in 'Music' started by kungfuthug, Sep 8, 2012.
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  1. Peter Hyatt
    Thoughts on
    Florilegium "London Symphonies" recording?
  2. clouddasher
    I think the bbc recording of the gothic is amazing. Also the Norrkoping symphony orchestra's version of Hans Rott's symphony in E major is great.
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  3. perhapss
    Nice to see this thread still lives :beerchug:.
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  4. Peter Hyatt
    I’m enjoying the 24/96 download of Kirill Petrenko & Berliner Philharmoniker of Tchaikovsky 6th...

    Excellent sound quality & performance.

    Perhaps enhanced for me after watching video at Digital Concert Hall.
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  5. alanbeeb
    I've got that recording too, and while I admire Petrenko's determination to totally avoid hysteria and over-sentimentality... its just too straight for me. But thankfully, it is far prefereble than the opposite extreme - highly praised but to my ears way-over-the-top milk-every-moment approach of Theodor Curentzis and Musica Eterna.

    Igor Markevitch & Philharmonia from 1960s do it all just about right for me.
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  6. pbarach
    For a recording in superlative sound that isn't IMO as dull as Petrenko's, try Honeck/Pittsburgh.
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  7. perhapss
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  8. Quinto
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  9. perhapss
    That Annie Fischer is a truly great recording indeed IMO. New to me as well so extra bonus!

  10. Quinto
    Her whole Beethoven cycle is terrific..she was very self critical when she recorded them. The earlier sonatas are really special

    She told Richter once she didn't like a particular recording of his, he was very amused and agreed .. geniuses don't do bs, ever.. :D
  11. Claritas

    Last April, I decided that I wanted to buy another complete set of the Beethoven sonatas. I decided from amongst four pianists: Arrau, Fischer, Goode, and Schiff. Fischer was on the list because you had recommended her. (Thank you.)

    I compared their performances of Opp. 27 no. 1, 31 no. 1, 53, 109, and 110. Goode and Schiff had some interesting ideas, but they weren't fully worked out. At those times, their playing became irregular. Arrau and Fischer had fully worked out their interpretations. I found Fischer to be straightforward and bracing. I felt that her playing would have been better suited to the Mozart sonatas. She didn't convey the mysterious aspect of Beethoven. So I bought the Arrau set, which has not disappointed me.

    Recently I've been comparing Backhaus, Kempff, and Levit. But, so far, I'm unpersuaded. I shall be considering Gulda as well.

    On another note, let me add to the thread a Schumann's Kreisleriana that I had somehow managed to overlook.


    This one made me sit up and think. It has been many years since I've heard an interpretation that took a different angle and made it work, adding something new. No one has surpassed Cortot. But Perahia delivered a very fine, romantic rendition; and Kissin has given us a good, unmannered reading.
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  12. Peter Hyatt

    Duet: the aria where one sings, “this elixir is wonderful!” while the other sings how he’s never met a bigger idiot is impossible to not smile during
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  13. perhapss

    perhaps not one of the "greatest classical recordings.... ever"" but truly fascinating IMO.
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  14. perhapss

    I've probably posted this at least once before but I heard it again today and here it is...
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  15. Raketen
    @Quinto hadn't heard Annie Fischer before thanks for posting earlier. This live rec of Bartok pianoconcert 3 is great.


    Last edited: Nov 3, 2019
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