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Best cans for my needs !

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by saif, Feb 12, 2013.
  1. Saif
    Hi guys, first post here !

    Bit of background info about myself, im a bit of a basshead and love my edm, dnb, dubstep, hiphop, grime, and that assault at every drop !

    However, ive never heard a pair of headphones that could provide the bassy experience without sounding muffled or muddied. I already own a pair of px100-iis for casual listening but decided I wanted something "more"

    With a budget of about £100 I thought id go for some Grado SR-80is. But then by chance found someone selling 60is for £40 so immediately bought those. I knew in advance the bass would be weaker than I needed and that proved true. However i have to say the mids sound excellent, wish there wasnt that compromise!

    I then read about mods I can make to them (l, g cush and so on) so am wondering:

    Should I

    A) keep the 60is and mod them? (In your opinion could they ever fit my needs)

    B) sell them and buy the 80is (ive heard more bass but enough ?)


    C) sell them and buy a completely new pair ? (Remember budget £100 or $160)

    Thanks in advance for your help guys, cant wait to begin my journey in to musical bliss !
  2. MalVeauX
    A) They will never be bassy enough probably, you're fighting their natural tuning and that they're open air. You could attempt to make them bassier, with L-cush pads (bassiest to my ears out of the different pads), and then equalize heavily (ie, drop all bass frequencies by -10db to -20db or so except the bass frequencies and it will be bassy for sure, just maybe not ultra bassy in sub-bass. You'll have to try. I have a few pairs of Grados, I'll test this on Thursday or something and maybe get back to you with pictures of the EQ and how it sounds.
    B) Don't bother crawling the Grado line if you're after bassy basshead headphones for electronic music.
    C) I would basically get a new pair honestly. Unless you just are in love with the Grados, they won't do what you want without heavy tweaking. For your cost, try and find a pair of Ultrasone HFI 580's or AudioTechinca PRO700MKII's or some Sony XB700's.
    Very best,
  3. bareyb
    Agreed. Trying to turn a Horse into a Zebra. For the sound you are looking for, I'd start out fresh with something voiced in that direction to begin with. I had the ATH Pro 700s here and they have great Bass and nice midbass slam. They sound a little "in my head" for my tastes, but the Bass punch is definitely there and they are able to roll off down low fairly well too. Ostensibly due to their massive size drivers (53 mm!).
    I also have the Ultrasone Pro 900s and they are probably the "Kind of Slam" you are looking for. Best midbass punch I've ever heard in a Headphone. Unfortunately, they tend to be a little bright on certain songs and it may come to start bugging you after a while. Put it this way... I was totally infatuated with them but after a while  my enthusiasm is fading a bit and now I'm probably going to go for something like the HE400s, which reportedly have decent amounts of Bass but also very well defined bass and far better midrange and upper end. 
  4. Saif
    Thanks for your advice guys !! 
    Will look in to all the suggestions !! 
    Just for reference, a headphone that could handle this song in its entirety would be perfect !! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0x6PhH6v0Ls
  5. spittis
    The suggested HFI-580 or DJ1 (they're the same headphone with different looks) certainly does the kind of music you linked well. I tried that  song on my DJ1's and you'd have to be an insane basshead if that doesn't satisfy you. The mids are a bit recessed but I wouldn't call them muffled or anything like that. They have a rather bright treble too, but not as much as the Pro 900 according to what I've read (never heard those though).

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